Political Ideologies in the U.S

In America, political ideologies are typically variations in the classical liberalism. Due to this, the ideologies seem to be similar. This is portrayed by the fact that all Americans advocate free market, limited supremacy and freedom. The existence of the two-party system in America however affects the political ideologies.

Anyone running for office has to join one of the two political parties. The party on one hand has its own ideology. The members on the other hand have their own ideologies. This will automatically creates a rift between the members with different political ideologies. This in return hinders the political party from functioning efficiently since not all members are willing to endorse the political ideology of the party (Heywood, 2012). Some members however may compromise their ideologies due to personal or party interests. It is thus agreeable that the existence of a two-party system leads to some people compromising their political ideologies just to ensure there is efficiency in the functioning of the political parties and the government.

Again, the presence of only two parties limits the choices one has as a voter. Both the political parties campaign with different ideologies. As a citizen who is eligible to vote, one can agree with an instance of one party and other instances of that other party.  However, there is no other party to choose and one end up making the hard choice between the two available political parties (Heywood, 2012).

However, the two-party system has a positive effect in that it helps create an efficient handling of issues. Since there are only two political parties’, clarifying of issues based on political ideologies is easy and quick (Heywood, 2012). This gives the government a rather easy time when implementing its political ideologies since there is only one other party to oppose the implementation.



Heywood, A.  (2012). Political ideologies: An introduction (5th ed.). Newyork, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

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