Political Parties: ASPA Report

Given the ASPA report and current events, the parties should be stronger to effectuate good policy change and prevent extremist candidates and movements. The American people get a chance to influence the policy affairs of the country through electing the suitable party.  It is notable that the two party system has shown little propensity in coming up with new and original ideas. Parties tend to dwell on the weaknesses of the other party or on similar policies.

The political party in power is required to give the government a direction and generate public policies that will benefit the public. To do this the political party needs to be strong. The party needs to commit itself to the programs and policies it brings about. It is also required to be democratic, effective and responsible. It can only achieve this if it is strong enough to withstand the pressure from outside sources such as the opposition party.

The opposition party is mandated with the responsibility of keeping the ruling party in check. It generates opposing policies and programs. It makes the ruling party more accountable to the public by acting as a critic and presenting policy alternatives. If the political party is weak, the ruling party will be able to do as it wishes. Given that the ruling party controls the government and resources, the opposition has to be strong to be able to oppose and defeat any policy or program not benefiting the public.

The greatest political office in our country is the presidency. Largely the American people elect the president and many constitutional responsibilities are bestowed on the presidential office. The president commands all the public departments and the military establishment. The president also has a significant share in the work of the Congress.  With these powers, the formulation of coherent policies is at the hand of the president. To be able to effectively manage such power for the benefit of the public, the president needs to be from a strong party. The president acts on the policies and programs formulated largely by his party. If the party is not strong, the opposition party can critic all the policies no matter whether they are good or bad.

The president in common terms has the full support of the ruling political party. Consider a situation where the part programs are not effective. The president in this case can be able to generate his own programs. This can be disastrous in that when on person is responsible to generate policies guiding the whole country; he can do as he wishes. It will be hard to know the general ideas that led to the generation of a policy when it was done by on person. It is however possible for such a situation to happen. If the president is able to use the whole nation as his political backyard, he can be able to have a personal government. Thus, the political parties need to be strong never to be outrun by the president by ensuring the ruling president does not stay in office for long.

The two party system needs to be strong to ensure good policies are put in to place. The ruling party should formulate new and original ideas while the opposition party keeps it in check.  This way the public will be able to benefit.


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