Political Socialization

Question 1

Voting is a citizen’s Civic responsibility and is also an opportunity to make one’s voice heard. It is through the process of voting that each citizen get the chance to shape the type of government they want. The death and the fight that the Patriots experienced were so that each person might have the right to choose their leaders. However, for decades the voter turnout in the country has been so low. For instance, in the 2012 US election, the voter turnout was only 58 percent of eligible voters. This is quite a low value considering that citizens have both the right and the responsibility to elect the leaders of their choice. There is thus need to create more awareness on the need for citizens

Question 2

During the New Deal Era, there were significant shifts in the way that the society was structured and how people voted. As people were moving from the rural to the urban centers, there seemingly emerged a new social class that came with a new center of power. Therefore, during this period the focus of people and the voting patterns started to change. People were inclined more to the philosophical approaches of a party when voting.

In recent years the Urban and rural population shifts have also significantly impacted on the voting patterns of an individual.During these years people have had started to get more understanding of the political rights, and thus they vote from the party ideologies.

Question 3

Political socialization is the process through which people acquire their ideas about politics and political values. It might also be the process through which people develop political beliefs that eventually shape and influence their behavior in the social spheres. The key factors that affect political socialization are gender, race, faith, geography, and religion. There are other factors such as the peers, media, family and even the education status.

According to Mellor, (2015) Family is one of the critical elements of political socialization. The impact of the family comes from the constant relationship between the parents, children and family member. It is through the interactions that people tend to form opinions about various issues in the society, politics being one of them.




Mellor, R. E. (2015). Nation, state and territory: political geography. Routledge.

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