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Facing a Recall after Supporting Stronger Gun Laws in Colorado

This article by Healy (2013) dwells on the theme of the Bill of Rights especially with regards to the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. The class discussions demonstrated how this right was initially construed as belonging to the states which were then unable to raise armies. Cases that sought to extend this right beyond the initial conception were also highlighted. For instance, there was the case of McDonald v Chicago where a Chicago guns ordinance was struck down with the effect that the Second Amendment was now applied to the states. That Healy’s article focuses on the same issue, albeit in Colorado, demonstrates the theme of the Bill of Rights.

Hillary Clinton Meets Obama for a Private Lunch

Evident in the article is the theme of Women and Gender discrimination. The very name of Hillary Clinton evokes reflection on the progress that women have made in American society (Shear, 2013). This is particularly so in the area of politics. The article aptly captures this by the statement, “Hillary Rodham Clinton has walked the halls of the White House as the first lady, a senator and the secretary of state.” Even the fact that she is contemplating to run for president in the 2016 elections is a further demonstration of this theme.

At the 11th Hour, a Languid Congress

This article also evidences the theme of the political party system in the country (Weisman, 2013). The statement in the article that there is hope in the Senate coming up with a bipartisan deal to end the automatic spending cuts indicates that there are two major political parties in the country.



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