Popular Clothing Fashion Company

Popular Clothing Fashion Company


Marketing entails communicating with the customer with the aim of selling the products or services to them. Therefore, marketers always try to ensure that the customer value their products and services. The paper explains how Geoffrey B. Small implements marketing concepts. Similarly, the paper describes the four marketing management philosophy and how Geoffrey B. Small employed one of the philosophies. Lastly, the paper explains how social media can be used to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the marketing management philosophy.

Marketing concept prioritizes the customer and his/her satisfaction since they are the focal point of all business activity (Lamb, Hair, &McDaniel, 2014). Similarly, the company will achieve its goals by knowing the needs of the target market. Also, the company should deliver a better satisfaction to its customers than the competitors. Geoffrey B. Small implemented the marketing concept in the following ways. First, Geoffrey I identified his target customers. Customers play a very crucial role in ensuring that a business succeeds. He marketed his products in Paris and Italy through exhibitions. Also, he made use of the designer week to present his products to the world fashion market. Paris is a World Series of Fashion; therefore, he identified the place as the target market.

Second, he implemented the marketing concept by understanding the needs and wants of his customers. Geoffrey understood that the customers are much concerned with the environment, and he has tried to grow the group of environmentally concerned customers. Similarly, they have realized that customers love something that has value, personal and special. Therefore, they designed clothes with high prices at the beginning but last for a long period of between 25- 30 years. Third, Geoffrey’s company tries to satisfy the customers better than the competitors. Therefore, they produce products that have high value, and also they invest heavily in research and workers who increase the productivity of the company. The outcome of heavy investment in quality, workers and research is better products to the customers.

Different companies have different ways of operation and therefore, they tend to adopt different marketing management philosophy. The first philosophy is production orientation. The philosophy entails the internal capabilities of the company rather focusing on the desires and needs of the marketplace (Lamb, Hair, &McDaniel, 2014). For example, the philosophy tries to explain that people should take whatever the organization offers. Second, sales orientation encompasses believing in the idea that consumers will buy more goods and services if the organization employs aggressive sales techniques (Lamb, Hair, &McDaniel, 2014). Third, market orientation entails focusing on satisfying the desires and needs of the customers while meeting the objectives of the organization (Lamb, Hair, &McDaniel, 2014). Fourth, societal marketing orientation explains that the organization does not only exist to satisfy the customers and meet its goals, but it also preserves and enhance the long-term interests of the people and the society (Lamb, Hair, &McDaniel, 2014). Precisely, organizations that tend to adopt this philosophy have the mission to protect the environment so that the future generation can benefit.

Geoffrey B. Small Company employed societal marketing orientation philosophy. His company focused on delivering what the customers desire and need. Therefore, the company ensured that they provide long lasting products that are personal and have value. They did not advocate machine made products. Also, they followed the labor law and achieved their long-term objectives legally. Moreover, the company integrates its activities to cover a wide range of customers’ wants. They are much concerned with providing quality products and communicating honestly with the customers. Similarly, they play a role in community development.

The company adopted the societal marketing orientation, and they can use social media to demonstrate their commitment to the philosophy. They can post information on social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube and WhatsApp. The information may explain or demonstrate how they are helping the customer to purchase long lasting and valuable products. Also, the social media platform is ideal to post the customers’ reviews. The customers’ positive perception about the products will generate more feedbacks and hence the number of customers seeking the products will increase.


Geoffrey B. Small Company has shown how it is significant to employ the marketing concepts and win the trust of the customers. Therefore, if a company establishes a healthy relationship with the customers, then it has a high chance of beating off completion from other companies. Also, organizations have to select and adopt marketing management philosophies that they consider beneficial to them and the society. The society plays vital roles in enhancing the growth of companies. Therefore, the companies should include the welfare of the society in their objectives. Lastly, in the 21st century, most companies have opted to use social media to market their products and services.



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