Porsche Carrera 911

The design of Porsche Carrera 911 portrays the direction of the engineers’ thinking, tradition, and future of the company. 911 Carrera is one of great design because of the following features. The wings of the icon car are higher than the front lid. Another feature is that the car has bulging and round headlights. The lighting design of the car is characterized by four-spot LED daytime running lights. Moreover, direction indicators are slim and strategically situated. The front and the back end of the sports car are unique. The roofline slopes towards the rear. In general, the appearance of the iconic 911 Carrera is low, wide and sleek. The reshaping of the front end gives the car a sportier look. Regarding air intakes, the existence of active air intake flaps helps in controlling aerodynamics and provide the required cooling performance.

Since the engine of Porsche 911 Carrera requires a lot of air circulation, slats of the rear lid grille are arranged longitudinally thus allowing the turbocharged drive layout to inhale more air. Regarding the lightweight construction, the design of the bodyshell consists of very thin but extremely stiff sheets of steel. Engineers used excessive magnesium and aluminum in areas such as doors and wings, the underbody, engine compartment, roof, and front and rear end. The reason for material efficiency is to reduce the consumption of fuel and the overall weight of the car. The exhaust system of the car is centrally placed. Besides, twin single-tube tailpipes are designed with stainless steel. The 911 Carrera model has Porsche Communication Management that includes an online navigation. The design of the PCM allows one to operate the navigation feature by multi-touch gestures.

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