Portfolio II: Gender and Social Life

Portfolio II: Gender and Social Life


Gender and social life is a ry significant factor to be considered for gender equality among societal members. In most communities around the world, gender discrimination had been a considerable challenge facing female beings. In most traditions, young people are being mishandled and a small mistake done would result in them being disowned by family members and sent away from home. The experience would then evoke some social and psychological problems in the quest to attain basic needs and at the same time, focus on fighting their traumatic social life and stress. The two articles “The New Legal Drama Premieres” and  “Canada’s a Drag” shows the issues of gender and social life in the contemporary world. Arguably, gender and social life have been a significant challenge that is due to traditional belief about male chauvinism and disregard to women’s role in a societal setup.

The New Legal Drama Premieres

The article contains a storyline about a historic show that is about to be shown in all Canadian televisions. A former lawyer, Kane, assembled a room filled by women to demonstrate their ability in the acting field. To his surprise, he saw something special in Marcie Diggs, who will be the drama lead in the Canadian televisions (Parris, 2019). For the first time, Canadians have opened their eyes to realize the role of women in the entertainment industry. It is indeed a nice move that has been regarded as a unique strategy of fighting for the rights of the marginalized. As reported by Kane, Marcie believes in herself and always has a particular say that goes “never mistake my kindness for weakness.” To him, Marcie’s spirit is a special that is owned by a few individuals.

From other sources of information on Canadian drama industry, black females have not been considered, and their talents have been going into waste. Evidently, this is an excellent example of gender issues. In other words, the industry has been looking down upon actresses; hence; they have not been getting chances as leads in television shows. Canada has been hunting down upon female as they are thought of not being able to deliver the required comedy content. On the other hand, plays or dramas with particular roles for women have always been taken by men who drag and masquerade as women. Consequently, this has denied most Black women a chance of performing as leads in most on-screen shows.

Besides, social issues arise when the article reveals that black women have not been getting such chances and that it is for the first time such a show led by a black woman will be happening. A thorough analysis of this observation reveals something on the social lives of these black women. It is more of cultural and racial segregation, which has been a significant issue on most developed nations. Also, it is a clear indication that blacks are not considered in such talent occasions and if it happens, then it is taken to be a surprise because it is something unusual. The article also talks about how black women works worked around the clock, writing many art-based curricula. Their main aim is to secure an interview with significant TV shows and programs. However, their dream has not been accomplished due to the kind of social life black people are subjected.

Canada’s A Drag

The article clearly shows the gender and social challenges faced by Grayson before finding a new life in Canadian Drag (Knegt, 2019). Due to his sexual misconduct, he is disowned by his family members and Jehovah Witnesses, where he becomes stranded with life.  Being a young boy, it is somehow challenging to start a new life without any person to depend on and no work for sustenance. The behavior portrayed by the church and the family members is a clear indication of how social life affects black females in most of the Canadian communities. Also, it is important to note that little attention and care is given to these human beings and this is the primary sources of their social problems. Under normal circumstances, misbehavior among youths can be directed to the fact that their parents and religion do not consider giving them enough education on the dangers of certain behaviors. Instead, these people only concentrate on the consequences of the actions done by these youths and end up punishing them. Grayson is subjected to a similar scenario until he succeeds in featuring in the Canadian Drag as one of the starring. His life changed after Jena recognized her talent.

The show did not just changed his life but gave him a new one worth living. The first important thing is to identify someone’s talent and nurture it. However, most gender issues and social problems dominate in most cultures to the extent that people fail to extract the best out of an individual, and instead, only figures out the negative side. The practice has however thwarted many Canadian industries since; they tend to be assuming black with talents, which is not only gender bias but also cultural discrimination. Before his dis-fellowship from Jehovah Witness, Grayson’s behavior was perceived as his weakness, until it was seen to be fit for the Drag.

The behavior was, however, perceived as his weakness until it was seen to be fit for the Drag. The action that was seen as a weakness has turned into one of the biggest strength that has made him be an international figure. Analyzing the story, it is right to say that Jena had faced gender-based problems, especially in his family and church. Before he was featured in the Drag, he had to experience several challenges, spiritually, mentally, and socially.  Lacking family contact is one big problem that generally leads to stress and other psychological issues. As a family, it is essential to maintain a social responsibility with all the children regardless of gender or any other mistake that can be corrected. Jena featuring in the Canadian Drag is an excellent lesson to individuals misusing other people’s talents. Even if his life was already destroyed, the Drag gave him an entirely new experience that has improved him in all dimensions; financially, mentally, physically, and socially.

On the other hand, Jena, the play coordinator has managed to emerge one of the best actresses in Canadian history. The Drag, as the name suggests, is a film performed by an actor masquerading as an actress. Before his dis-fellowship from Jehovah Witness, Jena is very talented and kind-hearted, trying to help her community members. Jena has no other work out of the Drag, and therefore, she has dedicated all her life to the show.

Analysis of the Two Stories and their Relationship with the Course Material

The two stories significant their arguments on the effects of gender and social life in various individuals. Relating the cases to the concepts presented in the course material, gender, and social life is one of the crucial factors determining the success of someone. There is a need to discourage gender discrimination, cultural bias, and racial segregation with the aim of centralizing the different ideas from individuals from various cultural backgrounds for maximum benefit. Canada is full of people from different backgrounds and with different talents and ability that should be combined to get an ultimate product. The two articles clearly show the benefits associated with cultural diversity and giving equal opportunities to everybody. On the other hands, the openings should be offered regardless of gender. The solution is reached after considering the claim that Marcie is the first black female to appear before Canadian TV shows.


The two articles “The New Legal Drama Premieres” and the story of Kelowna Queen Jena Telz shows the issues of gender and social life in the contemporary world. Societies, families, and churches should embrace new ways of solving and punishing lawbreakers instead of disowning them. Consequently, social issues would have significantly reduced. On the other hand, the media and entertainment industry in Canada should consider recruiting individuals from different cultures and genders to ensure equality.



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