Positive Effects of the Technology

Positive Effects of the Technology

Technology refers to the science or the knowledge which is put into practice and it is mostly used to solve problems. For instance, when having a specific question, one can use the internet to google and get the answer( Giorcelli,2019). Through the use of technology, there has been development in almost all sectors. Following are the positive effects of the technology.

          First: Improved communication and transportation. As compared to the early days where communicating was a barrier, in the modern days’ technology, has been of great importance because people can easily communicate even when they are far away from each other. On the other side, technology made work easier in transportation because in case someone wants to travel to the place that he is not familiar with, he can google and hence access the site he wants to visit.  Second: Easen the performance of the work. Technology has made the task easy this is because one machine can perform work that can be done by many people and hence saving time and increase more production in the organization.

              Third: Accuracy: It is evidence that the work done by a human cannot be compared to the work done by machines because many errors occur when an individual perform the job and when the same work is done using the computer, there are fewer errors or even no errors that appear. (Nelson et al.,2019) .Forth: Creation of job opportunities: The availability of technology has lead to the creation of job this is because there are some task needs to use computers and so people who know how to operate them they do it for other people which makes them get income from those tasks.Five.Knowledge and skills: The more people use the internet the more they gain more experience and skills which an individual learn from using the internet. For instance, in the current life we are, almost everything needed one can get it via the internet hence making people earn more knowledge and skills.Six.Greater market access. With the internet one can access goods and services of his choice, this is because many businesses are using media to advertise their commodities and so while promoting and marketing their business they also find people who were also interested with those commodities and so accessing of the market becomes easy. Even when for instance looking for the best place to allocate the business, depending on the size once can still get since there also people who are responsible for renting spaces of making anybusiness and as a result making work easy for both the sellers and the buyers.

Seven.Improved revenue and profits. When the marketing of the business is done online, there is an assurance that the owner of the market will get more. As a result, it also makes the government collect revenue from the business conducted which give back to society in the form of projects and investments.

Eight.Development of agricultural sectors. With the help of the technology,there has been developed in the farming areas this is because different people learn from the internet on how to start, maintain and operate their farms. Also, the specialist is using technology to teach farmers using online classes to help them to make their farm fertile which as a results makes farmers earn more profit from their productive farms. Both the specialist of the farm and the government are making sure that they educate the farmers on how to access the internet to make work more comfortable for them anytime they are locating it. It becomes easy since accessing computer is easy hence making the illiterate people fit in the society.




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