Possible Selves

The assessment of possible selves relies on one relies on the ideology of self-concept which looks at three main domains, the past, present and the future. Therefore, in the evaluation of personal self, three things are looked at, first the past experiences that might influence the attainment of the goals which includes the individuals who might impact the realization and the past experiences. Therefore, to effectively navigate towards the possible selves that one intends to attain, there should be effective strategies of dealing with experiences of the past and ways on how the future problems encountered can be overcome.

The questions are inclined on the three domains, the past, the present, and the future and the strategies on how the future problems can be overcome. For instance, the first question identifies the selves that one intends to attain. The subsequent questions major on ways of how the set selves can be achieved. They explore the role of other people in making one realized their target, challenges, and strategies that can be employed to accomplish the selves. They further address the need for behavior change so one can assume the behaviors towards the attainment of the selected selves.it is useful and easy to understand because it encompasses who we hope to be and what we fear to become.

I tend to guide business people on how they can achieve their set goals, it a vital tool to guide my professional process and help my clients attain their business goals. To ensure that I adequately use the device in my professional undertaking, one of the questions that we are included will be my clients’ past experiences and some of the possible ways they have been using to overcome the problems they usually face when working towards the achievement of set business targets.