Post Modern Graphic Design

Question 1

The main issue of discussion is about the history of graphic design. The four articles explain the origins of this form of art. It described how art has evolved over the years. The overall theme is about the contributions of various artists in this industry. Every piece of message passes essential information to the audience.[1] Art can, therefore, be interpreted by what the audience sees. For instance, Virginia’s artworks relate to human-made and natural features. Such image shows that she is keen on preserving the environment. One of the plans I envision in this venture is to keep the sequence of events as they occur.

Question 2

There are numerous goals for this exhibition. One of the reasons is to advertise to the individuals interested in that industry. It also creates brand awareness among the general public. The show might also be vital for learners in various institutions. [2]They might use these displays to learn about the multiple forms of artworks. Therefore, it will enable people to understand the issue of arts well. Another purpose is to attract a large audience to the exhibition. Those who attend the show can also market the artworks through word of mouth. The displays might also increase competition among artists because there will be many people exhibition.

Question 3

This narrative will be passed by word of mouth from one generation to the other. It usually occurs where someone tells this narrative to another person. The sequence continues until it reaches the final recipient of the story. The tale will also unfold from historical records that are readily available in the museums.[3] This information can be used by any individual who intends to use it. Additionally, the story might also unfold from the various artifacts that were used by the artists in previous times. These objects are vital while searching because it gives immediate and reliable services to the audience.

Question 4

There are several types of moods that have been depicted in this exhibition. Valentine shows a happy attitude because of his paintings that are attractive. The image of path makers shows a happy mood. It is because these artworks show the role of women in art and painting which was an industry that mostly male-dominated. Photos from Robert. B also shows some form of anger. It is because the images show soldiers training before going to the battleground. This indicates that the security officers are determined to win the war.Virginia Overton shows a cool mood through the use of natural and human-made resources. The feeling in this piece of art tries to tell the audience about a particular issue under discussion.

Question 5

The intended target audience is the general public. It comprises of several people who visit historic sites and museums.[4] These individuals visit museums to go and learn about the past. This exhibition might also target specific market segments. For instance, it can target school going children to learn about various issues that are related to their studies. The information they acquire from these visits can help them in their future learning. However, these pieces of art must be accurate, reliable and free from mistakes. The other potential segment is the tourists that visit the museums for pleasure. These individuals are likely to pay the institutions a substantial amount of resources compared to all the other sections.

















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Virginia Overton: Winter Garden Oct 28, 2016–Feb 5, 2017.

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