Power Balance Test

Power Balance Test


According to Power Balance, their hologram wristbands/bracelets are enabled with frequencies that positively react with the natural energy fields released by the human body to improve strength, balance and flexibility.  The following discussion is an evaluation of three tests carried out on the Power Balance wristbands with the aim of determining their reliability as well as attempt to substantiate whether claims made by the manufacturer are legitimate. Based on the YouTube video watched in class it was apparent that the tests carried out on the wristbands to illustrate their ability to enhance flexibility, balance and strength were bogus. In the discussion, three tricks applied in the experiments are deciphered. Also, the applicability and effectiveness of pseudoscientific jargon on the perceived use and efficacy of the product are discussed. Furthermore, the risks presented by ‘false’ claims of power enhancement products are evaluated, asserting the urgent need to critically evaluate “power enhancement products” available in the market. The core of the discussion is centred on justifying the claim that; Claims made by power enhancement product manufacturers are marketing gimmicks with the risk of adverse effects on the consumers.

Power Balance Tests Tricks

Test 1: Balance Test

In the balance test, the partner administering the test pushed the test subject down and sidewaysdeliberately causing them to lose balance. Once the subject had worn the Power Balance wristband, the test administer pushed the subjected and pulled him to ensure that they maintain their balance. The administrator can accomplish the trick without the test subject noticing the difference as they focus and struggle to keep balance.

Test 2: Strength Test

In the strength test, the administrator pushed the weight into the body of the subject; hence the subject was able to withstand the weight in the second test with the Power Balance wristband on. While in the first test without the Power Balance wristband, the administrator pushed the pressure in and pulled the subject away; hence he was unable to withstand the weight.


Test 3: Flexibility Test

In the flexibility test, the administrator asked the subject to stretch in a specific direction without wearing the bracelet. The subject was later requested to stretch again this time wearing the bracelet. The subject was able to stretch further the second time. In this test, the trick lays behind the fact that in second and consecutive stretches one is ready to go also as the connecting tissues in the muscles and tendons become more elastic as you stretch. Hence in the first stretch, the muscles and tendons were not in the same position as when the second stretch was carried out.

In the statement; “What I have to demonstrate for you today is a revolutionary new product. What we’ve been able to do is harness naturally occurring frequencies and program them into a Mylarhologram to help improve your balance, your strength and your flexibility.” The use of pseudoscientific has been used to describe and assert the efficiency of the Power Balance Wrist band despite the reality being the exact opposite. As described above the three tests carried out on the Power Balance wrist bands did not achieve the intended results. As a result, various tricks were applied to deceive the consumer and convince them otherwise. It is also apparent that significant populations of consumers globally do not understand the meaning of the technical jargons and may only recognise the phrase “enhancebalance, your strength and your flexibility”. Therefore, the manufacturers have applied the use of technical jargons to attract the consumer while at the same time preying on their ignorance. They are thus making the use of pseudoscientific jargons an effective marketing strategy for the Power Balance wristbands.

Pseudoscientific claims

It is apparent that a significant portion of the global community is ignorant when it comes to the intricate details of scientific facts as well as biological functions of the human body. A large part of the population that was exposed to the Power Balance Tests did not question the results neither did they doubt them. As a result, many people purchased the Power Balance wristbands unknowingly that they were a scam. It is also apparent that the use of technical jargons combined with pseudoscientific claims was used by the manufacturer to attract unknowing customers.

In the last couple of decades, the use of pseudoscientificclaims to market a wide variety of products has risen due to some factors. First, it is critical to note that there is a limited portion of the general public that can test and verify the accuracy of the pseudoscientific claims. Secondly, the majority of the population is attracted to the benefits offered by the products as the marketing strategy focuses on human psychology. The use of products by “false” pseudoscientific claims can be harmful to the users for some reasons. Firstly, a person may avoid taking necessary measures to improve their health and rely on such products and in the end fail to care for them. Secondly, the products are costly, and the users may be pushed to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on the belief that they will benefit from such products.

Furthermore, since it is apparent that the products marketed through Pseudoscientific claims are not legitimate in their ability the consumer may get significantly disappointed when they inevitably fail to deliver the expected results. The disappointment can escalate in some cases resulting in depression. Some of the users may feel greatly deceived and decide to take legal action on the marketers which may lead in a lengthy and expensive legal struggle without any certainty of the court ruling in the customer’s favour.


The current market place has a wide variety of products and services some of which are marketed through pseudoscientific claims as they are an effective marketing strategy. To avoid falling victim to a variety of “scams” which could have devastating effects it is critical that the consumers evaluate a range of products before they purchase or use them. It is essential to decipher the pseudoscientific claims and undertake lengthy research on the products. The internet is a pool of resources and easily accessible to many, can be used to identify the legitimacy of products and services. Numerous Manufactures and marketers take advantage of unsuspecting customers as they apply a variety of techniques to attract customers. Most importantly, they hide behind pseudoscientific claims as some protect them from legal action by consumers.



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