The Preferred Social Media Platform used to communicate among University Students in Dubai Proposal

The Preferred Social Media Platform used to communicate among University Students in Dubai Proposal

  1. Research Questions/Hypothesis
  2. Which social media platform has been embraced by most University students in Dubai for their communication purposes?
  3. What are the reasons that have prompted students to prefer this platform compared to the others that are out there?
  4. Will this social media platform remain viable and appealing to students in the near future?
  5. Methodology
    • Possible Methods
      • Focus Groups

This is a qualitative method used to collect data intended to supply information for a given research. In these groups, people are quizzed about their beliefs, opinions, attitudes and perception about various issues that are the point of research (Acocella 2011). The participants that will be involved with this focus group will come from a similar age group, and all of them will be students from universities in Dubai. These participants must have a shared interest in that they are avid users of social media platforms in their day to day communications. A sample of both male and female participants will be asked a set of questions regarding social media usage, and they will be expected to provide their opinions. There will be a moderator who will encourage the participants to converse and explore the issues at hand entirely.

Advantages of Focus Groups

Focus groups will bring various advantages to the research. Among them is that participants are accorded the opportunity of reflecting or reacting to the views of other people. This means that they will have an opportunity of learning other aspects of social media that they were not aware of initially. This makes for a good conversation. The dynamic discussion involved also tends to stimulate the thoughts of the participants regarding the research (Patton 2014). This would help in bringing up other issues regarding social media usage in the universities that were not considered initially. The method also makes it feasible to derive information by observing non-verbal responses such as body language and facial expressions.


Among the limitations that might arise while conducting the research is that it might become difficult to control discussions and manage the process due to conflicting attitudes and opinions (Acocella 2011). The climate of the group also affects the nature of the discussion that is likely to accrue. It is quite difficult to know how the climate will be.

  • Observation

Observation is another viable method for collecting information on this topic. It is more of a basic and fundamental method for obtaining information about many things. In this case, it will involve an observation of the people around me. This will include my friends and other class mates on their social media usage patterns. The observations will take place for a period of time. Certain individuals would be selected for this purpose. These are the people that I am close to, and I can observe their social media trends since we spend most of our time together. However, they all have to be college students within Dubai.

Advantages of Observation

The data collected in this case will be accurate and reliable since it is primary data.   The method will also help to improve the precision of the results to be derived.


It will not be possible to study opinions using this method. This means that I will only derive information of the social media platform that is mostly used, but not have the ability to know why. The process will also involve a lot of time for the events t

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