Problem Solving Concepts

Problem Solving Concepts

Over the years, there have been increased chemically prepared beauty products in the markets which result in body disorder when used in excess. Thus, through simplification, I have been able to define a solution for the problem thus coming up with organic beauty products which have been prepared from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. According to Newell, Shaw & Simon (1958), simplification is a reliable technique in decision making. Existing products have been having problems to the users; thus there is a need for an alternative product. Therefore, coming up with the organic products will be a relief to the beauty enthusiasts as they experience a change in their beautiful world with non-toxic products.

In my understanding, I see the existing products have been causing problems to the users. With too many chemicals in them, they have been deteriorating human health for the users thus being harmful to their skins. Consequently, with the new products, organic substances are highly adaptive to the body due to their natural form. Hence, the products will be user-friendly with no damages to the skin. The goodness of the organic products is that they are from vegetables, fruits and other organic matters such as plants and animal oil. Therefore, their viability is guaranteed and fit for human needs.

Being a beauty enthusiast, I have been participating in various beauty related workshops thus being able to learn a few things about the different existing beauty products.  Additionally, there has been a lot of trending stories of effects related to beauty products where a lot of females have been complaining of skin infections. To some extent, there are some experiencing chronic disorders such as cancer relating to the beauty products they have applied to their skin. Thus, through such testimonials, there is a definite understanding of the negative impact of beauty products. Therefore, through the experiences, I have been able to define the problem in the society thus having the thoughts to seek an alternative solution.

Through the problem defining process, I realized the harmful products are chemically prepared; thus the reactions are due to excessive chemicals I the beauty products. Thus, to solve the problem, the perfect technique would be coming up with organic prepared products which are chemically free; thus no boy reactions, unlike the usual products. As discussed by Kim & Grunig  (2011), defining a problem and seeking for its solution is an essential aspect in the society that presents a market entry favour. Although the customer targeted has been used to the chemicalised products, they are suffering in silence, and through an organic-products, they could shift their loyalty for organic products. The primary goal for the products is to safeguard the skin tone of the customers as well as offer products that preserve the wellbeing of the customers. Therefore, these are the key goals of the new products thus aiming for market dominance.

Acting on the problem would require product introduction into the market. Therefore, establishing market strategies would ensure successful entry into the beauty products market. Additionally, technology has been enhancing advancement in different aspects. Therefore, developing organic products would ensure availability of favourable beauty products all over the country. As the accessibility of such products is enhanced, customers will be more willing to buy the products due to its ease in accessibility. Therefore, through increased customer sales, the business can thrive thus improving their profitability. As profit margin are the primary goal of every company.




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