Professional Organizations for Students

Most or all students would like to strengthen their resumes and develop work experience that will help them in their respective career fields. Therefore, it would be significant if students join professional organizations since they will position them on the right path to succeed in the future. Professional organizations are non-profit organizations with the responsibility to further the interest and profession of an individual employed in the specific field (Piercy, 2006). In the field of business and precisely the marketing area, the two professional organizations include the National Associations of Sales Professionals (NASP) and Sales and Marketing Executive International (SMEI).

NASP is a professional organization that has been in operation since 1991. The organization’s best practice is to develop sales professionals who will then become leaders in the ever-changing sales world. Besides, it is an online community that encompasses assessed, certified and non-certified sales professionals (National Association of Sales Professionals, n.d). Moreover, the organization is committed to ensure that the member’s career is beneficial and meaningful. It is free to join the organization and therefore, students and any other person can be part of the global community. Members can create a personal network of like-minded professionals who would like to expand their influence, grow personally and maximize their career. The organization is fully responsive with a mobile-ready website that makes it easy for phones and tablet users to interact and research more about the organization. Similarly, members can socialize or network using the organization’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. They can learn sales technique from the industry and improve their game.

NASP provide its members with current employer and job seeker opportunities in the sales profession. Therefore, the organization post jobs from the various companies in the country so that the job seekers can have a chance to search their preferred jobs. Similarly, the job seekers will create their account to keep track of the current and previous jobs. They can create different resumes for different companies and positions. On the other hand, the employers have the option to search for potential workers by niche, CPSP certification level and by resume.

The organization provides online training and certification. Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) is an online course offered by the organization, and it takes approximately six weeks. Besides the programs has been designed to transform individuals into becoming masters in sales. Additionally, the organization has another program called the voice of influence that has been designed to help individuals become master communicators and influencers. People are required to communicate effectively and have the ability to influence the outcome. NASP has set its standards of conducts that require its members to conduct business that serves the interest of the customers, employer, and the public and sales profession. Therefore, members are required to consider ethics, integrity and professionalism when conducting business. Also, members should obey the laws, disclose and resolve conflicts of interest and be responsible to the community.

The second professional organization is Sales and Marketing Executive International (SMEI). It is recognized globally as the only sales and marketing association. However, the organization’s best practice is to connect individuals in the sales and marketing field. SMEI has organized its membership application by virtual membership and geographical location. It is free to join as a member and the free membership account allow an individual to enjoy the basic membership at no charge (Sales and Marketing Executive International, n.d). Similarly, the organization does not offer a discount when a person uses the free membership account to apply for SMEI’s professional certification program. SMEI has thousands of members all over the world who meet monthly. Also, members access online library on sales and marketing and participate in local and virtual meetings to share knowledge, and discuss latest and effective strategies. Members also socialize in the online forums, exclusive social networking sites, and educational webinars and round table events.

The organization has established sales certification and marketing programs and upon completion, an individual will be recognized as sales and marketing professional. The program is a part-time self-study, and it includes sales management, marketing management, and salesperson. A person will use sales certification and marketing certification to show to the clients, employer and peers his/her competence. SMEI also offers career coaching, and the coaches work independently with the job seekers. However, they assist the job seekers with networking, resume development, salary negotiation and organization research.

The organization offers career opportunities to its members. SMEI posts jobs in its website whereby the members can access the required content. The employers can get professional they need by creating an account and search for the right candidate. On the other hand, job seekers will create their accounts and upload resumes for the different positions. They can also get email notifications or job alerts for the featured jobs that include regional sales manager, sales person, general manager and client and opportunity marketing manager. The sales professionals are required to strictly follow the codes of ethics for sales and marketing. Therefore, they will pledge to provide high standards in serving the company, customer, and the free enterprise.

In conclusion, both NASP and SMEI play significant roles by developing professionals in the sales and marketing arenas. They are professional organizations that have been recognized nationally and globally for the kind of services they provide. Therefore, it is an ideal opportunity for students to join such organizations and sharpen their skills and experience in the business world. They will interact with various stakeholders such as customers and future employers in the industry. Similarly, students will have a chance to attend business conferences, discussion forums and socialize. Therefore, I will highly recommend any student to join professional organizations to be successful in the future.



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