Professional Profile

Professional Profile

Developing the Best Profile Forward

Human resource professionals use the information that is published on the social media platforms in determining the suitability of a candidate as well as whether a candidate seeking a job fits into the culture of the organization. The social media profiles, therefore, could play a significant role in defining some of the requirements for a job(Broillet et al., 2014). The culture of the organization should be in line with the needs of the candidate that is selected. Recruiters are nowadays conscious of the opinions as well as the contributions that are made by individuals in the social set-up. With this, they will get to ascertain such information from the social media platforms. One of the social platforms that recruiters are usually interested in is LinkedIn profiles.

When developing a LinkedIn profile, there is a need for one to include the professional strengths that are likely to advertise them to prospective employers. Organizations use the information from these profiles in evaluating their appropriate candidate(Tadimety, 2015). Therefore, the information that is in the CV should be consistent with what is included in the LinkedIn profiles. These are some of the avenues that individuals need to use in advertising themselves as the most suitable candidate.

All the experiences that one has attained need to be included in the LinkedIn profile as well as some of the significant achievements that have been made. These will help recruiters in evaluating their requirements and matching this with the successes. For instance, I have a vast background in customer support, care, and management. I have proven competent in using the customer management systems which have seen a tremendous improvement in market share. Customer retention has also increased by 78%(Broillet et al., 2014).

Professional Strengths

  1. Exceptional track record in all aspects of financial control as well as management which is inclusive of the income statement, implementation of financial standards and preparation of the donor reports.
  2. Workshop facilitator on procurement, Administration, General Management and other government compliance processes
  • Cross-culturally competent especially with the ability to work in multicultural environments
  1. Confident and effective communicator in both the oral settings as well as written communication.
  2. Familiar and competent in donor policies and procedures.


With the experience that I have from my past employers, I have developed the spirit of teamwork and established that collaboration is necessary for the development and achievement of the organizational objectives (Broillet et al., 2014). I am an expert who believes in exploiting the knowledge that I possess as well as those of my peers to ensure that the organization remains result-oriented.

Educational Background

Educational background is among the information that is very critical in the profile. Just as the CV, one needs to include their educational information in their LinkedIn profiles as well as the significant academic achievements that have been made (Tadimety,2015). One need also to document some of the research that they have done in their professional line as well as the critical achievements of those research conducted.

Problem Solving

I approach problems not as obstacles but as challenges in my career that requires me to use knowledge and logic to solve. Solving problems within my professional progression has thus been among some of the aspects that help me advance my career and scale even to greater heights.


In short, some organizations always recognize some of the contributions that are made by their employees. They publish the names and the achievements that have been made by their staff. One needs to include such information in the LinkedIn profiles to ensure that their skills are at the disposal of the prospective recruiters.


LinkedIn Profile

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