Project Proposal

I am a property manager with Regent Homes, a real estate company based in California. The general manager selected me to head the renovations and face-lifting of a real estate property owned by the company. The company wants to sell the property. My role will be to oversee the overall repair and report to the manager. I will be responsible for the renovations such as painting, interior designs, and furnishing. Also, hiring and managing the entire renovation team for the project will be my responsibility. The company will fund the project which begins in March 2019 and is anticipated to end in March 2020.

The primary goal of proposed project is to improve the physical appearance of the property with a cost-effective budget and prevents cost overages. Also, the proposal will establish the scope of work and provide an accurate assessment of the resources required for the project. The plan will also create a realistic timeline that will ensure that the project does not go over schedule. The project objectives include developing renovation ideas and giving recommendations of designs according to the owner’s preferences. Evaluation of the existing conditions of the property and determining the range of possibilities is also another project objective. The project also aims to assess the local permit and zoning requirements.

The property comprises of office suites and storefronts. Therefore, the principal customers include corporates looking for offices and small and medium companies who require several offices. Similarly, small businessmen such as store operators are vital customers for the project. There are several stakeholders interested in the property. The local authorities will play a role in giving permits. Similarly, the contracted interior design company, Mars Arts, is also a stakeholder in the project.

The project milestones will include the initiation meeting involving all stakeholders. Also, submission of the designs to be used and the work plan is also a significant milestone for the project. Besides, another significant milestone is the acquisition of permits from the governing bodies. The project deliverables will include a new external look of the property in terms of painting. Similarly, a furnished interior with exquisite designs is a primary deliverable.

The estimated duration of the project is one year. The first month will involve site inspection, preparation of contracts and securing of permits. Actual work will begin on the second month with the foundation of the building. It will include a check to establish whether the floor is the correct size and material. The third and fourth month will involve repairs on the walls. All walls will be reinforced and repainted. During the fifth month, the focus will be on the roof with activities such as replacing old beams and trusses. In the sixth month, the crew will replace the frames to doors and windows with stronger ones. Installation of electrical systems, plumbing, and insulation, will be done in the eighth month. The ninth and tenth month will involve interior furnishings such as the building of cabinets, molding and other interior finishes. During the last two months, the structure will undergo a thorough inspection, and any issued identified are fixed before the house can be approved. Approval of the building for use marks the end of the project.

The project is estimated to cost ninety thousand US dollars. Staffing resources necessary for the success of the project will include the hiring of casual workers to help with the demolition of the existing substandard structure. Also, the contracting of construction firms and an interior design company is necessary. Besides, project assistants are needed in the coordination of the decorating and on-site design team. Non-staffing resources include the materials required for the construction such as cement, roofing materials, and furniture.


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