PROScout Marketing Company

PROScout Marketing Company

  • Explain the problem or problems.

PROScout Marketing Company has a team of professionals who are committed to scout best candidates for their clients. The company has encountered problems in recent interaction with the candidates. In their pre-screening exercise for the company’s new campaign, the team found a candidate perfect for the sports drink client; however, from Amalie’s investigation, she discovered that the candidate might be taking steroids. Therefore, the company is facing a problem of signing the candidate before the competitor does. What if they sign the candidate and later it is revealed that the candidate was taking steroids? This will put the future relationship between the company and the clients at risk. Lastly, it was hard for Amalie to convince the team members of the situation at hand since they could not believe their candidate was taking steroids.

  • As the boss, what questions might you ask this employee to clarify your understanding? As the employeewhat questions might you ask your team to clarify your understanding?

As the boss, I will ask the employee the following questions. First, what are your expectations regarding this problem? Second, what steps have you taken to address the issue? Third, can we arrange for a meeting to discuss this issue?

As the employee, I will ask my team the following questions. First, how can we handle this type of scenario? Second, what is the cost of not hiring this candidate? Third, what support do we need to assure success in handling this matter?

  • Analyze what might be the best leadership approach (from the options in your text) for the boss in this situation based on the mission statement and explain why.

As a leader, it is best to act in the interest of the company. The leader should do all it take to maintain the mission of the company (Murray, 2010). The company’s mission states that “We scout talent for tomorrow’s work. We are a focused team of professionals committed to finding the best-qualified candidate for our clients. Job candidates are screened for the highest ethics, talent, skills, and abilities. We stand behind our efforts and candidates at the time of hire or we will not charge our clients a fee if the candidate is not acceptable” (PROScout Marketing, n.d). For this scenario, the perfect candidate for a promotional program is a steroid taker. It is against the principle of sports ethics to recruit such a candidate. Similarly, the firm will be violating its mission when the management decides to hire this candidate.

  • Based on your knowledge of conflict resolution from the chapter Reading, how might you resolve or respond to the problem (s) as the employee?

A conflict might arise between PROScout and the client if the company decides to stand by their mission and not hire the candidate. Besides, the company might also lose the client. The message sent by Amalie to Kelly was enough to allow Kelly employ her power of persuasion and speak to the client concerning the candidate. Kelly should also inform the client by convincing him/her about the company’s mission and how it will be difficult for it to deviate from its principles of hiring candidates.

  • What if the employee does not hear back from her boss in time, what communication process particular to this scenario would you advise her to use to communicate effectively regarding the problem(s) to all concerned and why? Explain each communication process step (specific to the scenario) to be used regarding resolution of this problem(s).

In a situation when Amalie does not hear from her boss Kelly, She should go ahead and report the issue to the ethics officer or the hiring manager so that they delay the hiring process. It is better for them not engage in any hiring schedule until Kelly comes back. Amalie should inform the ethics officers about the issue and wait for their respond. Also, the message should be conveyed to the hiring manager whereby they will delay the hiring process until the boss is back.



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