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Several Procedure coding systems have developed as an international system of medical categorization. The essay provides on the OB Procedure Coding with the PSC Code ICD-10-PCS which is implemented in the obstetrics sections.

The obstetric procedure entails seven characters in length and which represents the procedure's aspect. The Obstetric procedure codes with the first character value of 1 while on the other hand, the second character is pregnancy. The third character has a total of 12 root operations in the obstetrics sections. The 12 root operations include change (2) which implies taking out a body part and replacing with a similar device in the absence of cutting the skin. Drainage (9) usually involve the flow of fluids or gases out of the body. Abortion (A) which is pregnancy termination, Extraction (D) that affects the pulling off of a body part through the use of a force (Subotin & Davis, 2016). Delivery (E) that incorporates the assistance for the passing out of the products on the conception from the genital canal. Insertion (J) and Removal (P) involves root operations of exploration and taking out of the body respectively. Also, repair (Q) involved restoration of the body to its standard structure while reposition (S) consists of cutting the body to the usual location. Lastly, resection (T) and the transplantation (Y) includes cutting out without replacement and putting in similar portions taken from another individual (Mullin, 1999).

The fourth character of the procedure include the products of conception, products retained and the ectopic. The fifth character illustrates the approach,the sixth character showing the devices while the last character acts as the specifier for the type of extraction.



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Subotin, M., & Davis, A. R. (2016). A method for modeling co-occurrence propensity of clinical codes with application to ICD-10-PCS auto-coding. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association23(5), 866-871.


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