Psychological Challenges Assignment

Psychological Challenges Assignment


The content of the chapter made me understand the challenges facing patients that have psychological issues; the patients face challenges that other people are unable to understand what other people are going through. The doctors have skills of helping the patients that seek medical attention in psychological challenges. The doctors interpret what the patients need to do to deal with challenges that the patients are doing. The therapist understands ways of dealing with psychological issues in patients. Therapists have been able to solve psychological challenges facing patients; the therapist observes the patient know the possible way to address the challenge.


When dealing with mental challenges one needs to change his or her perspective of how they view things. Changing the perspective enables the therapist to understand the patients as a team, the patients interact with each other sharing the challenges that they have gone through; hence they share how to solve the challenges going through. The patients get hope when they see that challenges are also facing other people. The patients get hope from their colleagues.


The chapter made me realize that there is hope for patients with psychological challenges can get therapy for the challenges that they face. The patients get a sense of ease when they share their experiences and how they dealt with.  I liked how the patients open up in sharing their experiences when they hear their colleagues sharing theirs too. Group therapy works because the patients run from each other. What I liked the least from the chapter is that it does not give a clear guideline of what should be done to help patients that live from poor backgrounds in getting therapy whenever they need it. The patients from poor neighborhoods need to get therapy just like other people do.


The article made me to learn the importance of group therapy as opposed to patients having their own personal and private therapies. Having group therapies will enable the patients to learn from each other by sharing their experiences on how they were able to deal with the challenges that they face due to psychological challenges.


The content met my expectations in terms of how patients get to learn from each other during the therapies sessions, and it makes the work of the therapists easier. The content covers all the factors that need to be considered in group theory. Group therapy gives hope to the patients that they can live happily with the challenges they face.