Psychological Research and Human Behavior in Marketing

Psychological Research and Human Behavior in Marketing

What type of psychological research has contributed to the field of consumer behavior with respect to marketing? Select a company that you are familiar with and apply at least one of these concepts in your response. Provide qualitative data that supports your response.

Consumer behavior is a key factor that guides consumers on the selection of a product.  Researchers on the psychology of human have helped in establishing the emotional aspects that affect consumer behaviors. The salespeople and marketing organizations have integrated the behavior into their marketing programs with the aim of meeting consumer needs as well as expanding their market base. A number of psychological researches have been carried out.

Firstly, motivational researches have been carried out to establish factors that stimulate consumers to have a positive taste of products. Factors that motivate consumers are noted and integrated into marketing activities(Solomon, Bamossy, Askegaard & Hogg, 2016).This helps in attracting consumers towards liking a product. Secondly, perception researches have been conducted to evaluate how the consumers perceive the products around them and what forms the basis of their selection. The judging ability is noted and incorporated in the products to be sold as well as used in marketing strategies to win the consumers (Antonides, 2017).

Thirdly, research is done on the learning and experience of the consumers to find out their understanding of product selection criteria. This aids in appropriate marketing segmentation by the markets based on consumer level of education and experience in the use of a product. This ensures that marketers present to consumers information that will not contradict what they have already (Solomon, Bamossy, Askegaard & Hogg, 2016).Lastly, the attitudes and beliefs of consumers have been researched. This has allowed for a deep understanding of consumer culture and some of the cultural aspects that inhibit them from consumption of some products. The culturalunderstanding will guide the consumers in marketing products that are in line with consumer’s culture(Antonides, 2017).




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