Psychological Treatment Plan

Psychological Treatment Plan


The client is Beatrice, a female aged 45, who is currently divorced from her husband. Beatrice is heterosexual and a mother. She is ethnically black and Caucasian white. The target issue in the case is Beatrice feelings of emptiness and depression. Through her terrifying life experiences, Beatrice is faced with a situation in life where she lacks meaning or purpose in life. These feelings of emptiness with emotional numbness and despair result in a deteriorated mental health to Beatrice. In the end, she suffers from depression, dystopia, and post-trauma stress. Her current condition of being divorced with three kids to take care off, being homeless, being bereaved, being financially unstable as well as suffering from several ailments hikes Beatrice's feelings of emptiness and depression. In her own words, Beatrice feels like she has been misdiagnosed; she did not receive any assistance and had no help. This makes her feel neglected and does not require any support. These sudden changes make Beatrice feel emotionally numb, despondent, isolated, and anxious- which are all symptoms of emptiness and depression @$%&).

Behaviorally Defined Symptoms

Presenting Problems

Beatrice has felt misdiagnosed and have never had the opportunity to open up on issues affecting her. She has in the past felt neglected bearing in mind that the only immediate family are her kids who do not offer so much support. The pressure from the robust family settings has affected her. The abusive marriage by the husband and the whole burden of responsibilities put on her is also a huge issue of concern. She has experienced continuously physical-mental abuse from the husband and from the demanding situations she has been. The overwhelming situation has led to a lack of balance making her very lonely, vulnerable and worsened her condition putting her into a depressed state. The lack of employment on her and the enormous financial obligations is also a huge issue that has worried her and affected her as well.

She is not able to effectively relate to people as much of her social setting has been affected by the challenges and issues she has had in the past. Financially, she is deprived and is therefore not able to attend to matters requiring money. Thus financial functionality is missing. However evident that the client is spiritually stable and her spirituality has not been affected by the state of issues.

How the Problems are Evidenced in her Behavior

Beatrice is normal with limited performance and high levels of instability mental wise. She is weak physically owing to the beating and mistreatment by the husband. The state of affairs and conditions has further weakened her. Her performance has been affected by asthma, mental instability, post-trauma stress, bipolar and depression. These conditions do not have a direct relationship with her biological roots are only brought forward by the pressures and the dire circumstances and state of living. All of these factors influenced and shaped the development of Beatrice's extreme feelings of emptiness and depression that she currently experiences. Decision making and judgment have been affected by her situations. She, therefore, undergoes a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior. However, Beatrice can stabilize with the right interventions.

Behavioral and cognitive symptoms

Beatrice's feelings of emptiness and depression develop as a result of her current condition, that is, the feeling of being financially unstable. Although she holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, she finds it difficult to maintain her family as well as herself. As much this is not something that she had wished for, anytime she thinks of her past marriage life and some of the good memories she shared before her life turned sour, episodes of feelings of emptiness emerge. During the happy moments she shared with her husband, happiness and being joyous was her daily norm. However, after being subjected to domestic violence, the joy which was a neutral stimulus became a conditioned stimulus. Her condition of being financially unstable can be seen as the unconditioned stimulus, and her feelings of e

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