Psychology Homework

  1. Positive Psychology – it is the scientific study of human flourishing and is an applied approach to optimal functioning. The main focus of positive psychology rests in personal growth and not pathology as is the norm with most frameworks of psychology.
  2. Character Strengths – character strengths are a constellation of personal mindsets, attitudes, values and skills. Character strengths are considered the backbone of positive psychology and include responsibility, communications and perseverance.
  3. Flourishing – flourishing is the concept of living within an optimal range of human functioning that connotes growth, resilience, goodness and generativity. The opposite of languishing and pathology in psychology is flourishing.
  4. Subjective Well-being – This refers to the emotional reactions and cognitive judgments through which people experience the quality of their lives. Some of the concepts of subjective well-being are life satisfaction and happiness.
  5. Emotions – emotions are negative and positive feelings that contribute to the general well-being of humans. While positive emotions result into better well-being, negative emotions have a negative impact on people’s well-being.
  6. Emotional Intelligence – it is the ability of humans to solve problems with and about emotions effectively. Emotional intelligence is directly related to positive psychology and is currently a flourishing area.
  7. Flow – flow is a mental state of complete immersion in an activity. It is common for people to be engaged in a flow when they are in deep thoughts.
  8. Meaning – it is the idea of having a signature strength and virtue in the service of something larger than oneself. Having a life of meaning guarantees one a full life.
  9. Purpose – it is the end goal with which human life is shaped and fully achieved. Purpose is a fundamental component of fulfilling life.




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