Public opinion paper

The government should consider reinstating fairness doctrine to promote honesty and quality news. However, with the principle back there will be assurance on the truthfulness of the news promoting peace and justice. As well, fairness doctrine should be reinstated to endorse improved way in to the open about the divisive subject as well as initiate a way for the public to have better opinions because media has a significant influence on the society.

A public opinion is an approach, reaction or idea that someone gives about a particular issue. Majorly media can significantly sway ones politically. There are a few impacts of public opinion. They include agenda setting – the press makes the public aware of salient information and drives towards specific topics such that the public views the issues as necessary, hence creating an agenda. For example, during a campaign, a political candidate assures the public that if he was elected, there are some things he will do for development. However, someone from the crowd loudly shouts and says they are all empty promises. The media decides to air this campaign brings to the attention of the people the issue seen though it is not necessary. Framing -this is how the media bring to the attention of certain public events and brings heavy meaning to them. This is the most influencing method that the media can use to impact public opinion because it determines how the public will understand and influence it. For example, a candidate was running for the elections. However, there was a video clip, which leaked showing that he was bankrupt. Therefore, the media uses that video clip to bring up questions in the mind of the public such as he cannot manage his finances; how can we entrust him to govern.

Priming- the press offers a perspective for a particular incident and conversation and leaving out other issues on the same problem giving the audience understanding. For example, mostly the media is responsible for displaying events such as world cup, or the Olympics. These reports subject the public to nothing else other than watching some of these occasions. This type of persistent reports makes the public partially have an interest in sports of which some of them were not at never interested. For instance, some of the media platforms are being used to support violence due to their biasness and lies that they bring to the people. Another example is; when there is an issue that brings about controversy every side is given a chance to put across their views. It should not be necessarily the same period but what is more important is that both have been given an opportunity. This doctrine will ensure equality and promote peace as well.

Reinforcement this is the act in which the media repeatedly uses some messages to strengthen the belief and perspective of the public towards a particular matter. If the press uses some signals often to define someone’s actions and conduct most of those who do not know the person well are likely to be swayed by the messages while those who know him might stand rigid or start doubting. For example, during our class interview on groups, we discovered that information exposure and attitude strengthening are closely related. The groups had to work on the climate. It was apparent that those who had little or no exposure to this subject could adjust their outlooks according to every information that was brought forward even if it was imprecise unlike those who knew about the matter who could not change their views. This exposure helps the other group to understand that if the scientific theory brought forward was uncertain and incoherent.

Public opinion is the determinant of every policy. Therefore, the doctrine should be considered back because the media has a significant influence on the people. For example: if ethnic clashes appear in a particular area if the media decided to put it on air this may arouse anger to other people of the ethnic groups involved and may end up hurting each other. Another example is when two candidates are vying for the same position; both of them would like to gain as many supporters as they can. If the media only shows the campaign of one party, then it will bring much controversy to why the other one is not shown.