Public Policy

Donald Trump has been pushing to have the Mexican border wall built and to achieve this he has promised to force the Mexicans to fund it. Over the last few months, there have been a struggle with the Congress and the executive over his attitude. The events have led to a government shut down, and of recently he declared an emergency (Green, 2019). According to my view and opinion, it is not right for the president to push things beyond his power or even fail to consult the Congress. The actions of Donald Trump could lead to an impeachable offense according to the law.

The separation of powers between the president and the Congress is usually meant to protect against the abuse of power and ensure that liberty has been preserved (Green, 2019). Republican members of Congress feel Trump is doing the right thing but felt otherwise when Obama was pushing for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) (Green, 2019). The new turn of, in my opinion, is not only consistent with the law but it is also unacceptable. Republican politicians have in the past embraced the actions of Donald Trump citing he is the man to fix the country.

In the annals of democracy, Trump is seen as a dictator who will do anything to override the existing laws for his gain. In real-world application and matters of public policy, getting the approval of the different arms of government is right as it shows respect of the constitution. The inability of the president to negotiate with Congress does not in any way guarantee the use of force (Green, 2019). The news article proves that the president is not only using excessive power, but he is also using it for his gain rather than helping the country deal with the issue of immigration. In my opinion, public policy becomes more sophisticated when the media plays a part because they do not understand how to treat matters brought to their limelight.


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