Public vs. Private Schools

Public vs. Private Schools

There is considerable controversy among parents while educating their children between public schools and private schools.Most of the issues that parents consider while selecting the school for their children include class sizes, teacher-student ratio, and facilities available in the school. Since the government runs public schools, there is a lot of bureaucracy which results in inadequate facilities and overall low grades for students. On the other hand, private schools are privately managed and very competitive since their aim is service delivery. Many of the private schools have a high education bar which offers a challenge to the student. Besides, private schools provide parents and students with school choices. Also, private schools ensure the discipline and safety of the students while they are in school. However, some public schools also offer better education services to students just like private schools. Private schools are a better choice for education since they have high standards of education, better facilities and give students proper discipline and safety in their learning period.

The standards of education in private schools are high in comparison to private schools. Enriched academic opportunities are one benefit of studying in a private school. The schools provide students with exceptional experiences which challenge their academic abilities such as advanced placement courses. Also, in private schools, smart students have a better chance of performing better. The schools strive to meet the needs of the students, and there is no ridicule to students who like learning. The management also put more focus on personal development ensuring that the students are ready for college or employment in the corporate world. Private schools employ highly skilled teachers with the aim of academic performance. Also, the teachers are dedicated to academic excellence motivated by the conducive working environment of private schools. Besides, there is constant involvement of parents with the students’ progress. Private schools are built on the grounds of communication between students, parents and the administration which allows parents to give views regarding areas of improvement and share their concerns. Effective communication thus ensures high standards. However, in public schools communication is difficult due to high student numbers. Therefore, the criteria are determined by the ministry which is mostly not achieved due to poor implementation of policies.

Moreover, private schools have the best facilities for learning. Facilities is a significant determinant for the choice of school parents make for their children. For instance, private schools do not allow a class to have more than 25 students to avoid crowding. Small classes are manageable and ensure that teachers can help each student on a personal level. Furthermore, private schools have enough teachers with a high teacher to student ratio. It is essential to have enough teachers since they ensure all students’ academic needs are satisfied. Libraries, which are now called media centers, are a focal point of the very best private high schools. Similarly, art centers, fields and swimming pools are other facilities present in all private schools. These facilities give students the opportunity to explore extracurricular activities and develop their talents. Events such as horseback riding, racquet sports, basketball, crew, lacrosse, field hockey, and archery are not available in most public schools which makes private schools the best place for learning. Also, they offer resources to students for research through assisted programs and field trips.

Moreover, private schools ensure student discipline and safety as opposed to public schools.Many emphasize the importance of discipline and respect. The push for regulation in private schools teaches children self-control, which will ultimately be a requirement in college where the student will be far more responsible for his or her attendance, and achievement. Also, stricter disciplinary policies mean that any significant problem handling and eradication is quick. Typical crimes that plague public schools are less common in private schools. Private schools do not usually have an exceedingly high population. Therefore, it is easy to manage students’ behavior and discipline. Similarly, the management can easily ensure the safety of students since the small classes allow teachers to know each student. The lower-staff to student ratios allows the management to effectively observe and control the students while they are within the school grounds. However, the case is different for public schools. Due to free education services in public schools, the population of students is normally high especially for schools in low-income neighborhoods. Therefore, the school management has a challenge in controlling students’ behavior. Mostly, the students find themselves alone without an instructor or a teacher who often leads to mischief or indiscipline. Similarly, the high numbers are challenging to manage therefore ensuring student safety is also a challenge.

Despite the hail of private schools, some public schools are also in line with ensuring high standards of education to students. The government through the ministry of education is developing curriculums oriented towards better student performance. However, implementation of education policies is slow resulting in poor standards in public schools in comparison to private schools. Further, public schools also have a wide range of facilities that allow students to engage in extracurricular activities such as sports and talent development. Some public schools have the best facilities for games such as football, hockey, and athletics. However, the primary challenge is the high population and a limited number of trainers. In private schools, professional trainers are hired to help students develop their talents and sports.Discipline and student safety is a challenge to both private and public schools. Many private schools are unable to maintain student discipline since most of the parents with children in private schools are influential personalities. Their influence on the school creates arrogance and pride among the students leading to indiscipline.

Many parents choose to educate their children in private schools since the quality and standards of education are high with high-class facilities. The private schools also are strict on discipline and ensure the safety of the student while they are in the school grounds through observation. Therefore, in private schools, smart students have a higher chance of performing better. Private schools also have the necessary facilities such as libraries, media centers, gyms and fields where students can develop their talents. Similarly, the low teacher to student ratios allows control of classes. The case is different in public schools due to the high population. Therefore, private schools have more benefits for students.



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