Publicly Traded Company: D.R. Horton Inc

Annotated Bibliography

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The article by Hansen evaluates the financial performance of the D. R. Horton Corporation. The statistics show that the firm has enjoyed an increase in net income from its operations. Additionally, the report provides a sequential analysis of financial expenses and costs from the balance sheet. Thus, this source is credible in the evaluation of Horton’s financial position.

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According to the article, the D.R Horton Incorporation violated employees’ rights. The firm had neglected a Mutual Arbitration Agreement procedure of solving work-related issues. Instead, it had its dispute resolution mechanism. However, this approach was rejected by the Supreme Court and forced the firm to adopt the Mutual Arbitration Agreement to address worker issues. Thus, this source is instrumental in the analysis of legal cases that the firm has faced in its business operations.

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According to Alliance Design (2015), DR. Horton is a key player in the provision of quality products. Consecutively, it merges with other firms to meet the customers’ demands. For example, it combines with HONEYWELL in the provision of indoor air quality products. Therefore, this is an informative material that shows the relationship between D.R Horton Incorporation and other firms.

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The article discusses the diverse ways the D.R Horton has established itself in the market to maintain its dominance. For instance, it outlines that in 2006, the firm was the leading producer in the provision of residential homes. Moreover, the firm is known to take advantage of downturns of its competitors to establish its services. Therefore, the article is crucial for the study as it demonstrates the competitive advantage of D.R Horton in the market.

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The website outlines the various operations of the firm. From the site, it is evident that the firm considers various factors when evaluating new markets to facilitate effective capital allocation. Likewise, crucial aspects such as economies of scale and inventory management are also discussed. Consequently, the D.R. Horton facilitates its marketing and operational strategies by optimizing on technology. The article is endowed with a handful of important information about the company. Hence, this quantifies it as a suitable source of information about the firm.

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The article discusses the management of the company. It is headed by a president who is also the firm’s CEO.  In addition, it discusses the progress of the current CEO from junior positions to the top level office. Therefore, this is a credible reference to study the D.R Horton Incorporation.

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In this article, D.R. Horton Company is included in the list of big construction companies that have experienced large holding gains. However, the article claims that the fall in land prices that occurred in 2007 affected even the big construction companies such that they ended up making losses after selling the constructed buildings. As such, the article suggests that construction companies should evaluate possibilities of impairments on their land holdings.

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Ahluwalia, & Staff (2005) did research concerning construction companies in the United States whereby they found out that such companies have become consolidated in the country. However, the consolidation does not affect the business of either company since bigger companies such as D. R. Horton Corporation operate on different levels as compared to small or medium construction companies which operate in rural areas.

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According to this article, developed companies in the United States such as D. R. Horton have dominated that construction business in the country and in other developing countries. Following this, small companies in developing countries do not get chances to book construction contracts.

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In this article, big companies in the US have been ranked based on the number of housing permits that each company issued out in Los Angeles.  D. R. Horton Company is ranked position 15 among 25 companies that involved actively in building houses in LA.

  1. Winograd, B. (2016). What’s Next for the Saga of DR Horton and Class Action Waivers?. Available at SSRN 2849498.

The article addresses the legal issues that affected the D. R. Horton Company due to the negligence of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)’s decisions concerning class action waivers. Also, it reveals the disagreements between the company and the judicial about the pending decisions with the NLRB. As a result, the organization experienced some instability in carrying out construction services.

  1. Homes, L., & Shea Builders, L. L. C. In The United States District Court for the western district of North Carolina Charlotte Division DR Horton, Inc.; DR Horton-Regent, LLC; True Homes, LLC.

The article encompasses plaintiffs, including D. R. Horton Company, which had filed a case against defendants in North Carolina who had been paid for the anticipated misuse of their water and wastewater systems. However, the plaintiffs claimed that the fees they had paid the defendants was high, and so they had to be compensated.

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Koebel (200) discusses the importance of applying innovation in homebuilding and housing to improve the quality and length of duration of constructed buildings. As such, he hints how D.R. Horton Corporation closed more than 50000 homes that had been poorly constructed so as to come up with innovated ones.

  1. Timiraos, N., & Hudson, K. (2015). How a Two-Tier Economy Is Reshaping the US Marketplace. Wall Street Journal.

The article explains how a two-tiered economy in the United States has influenced housing. As such, big house construction companies including DR Horton have engaged in building advanced houses for the residents who earn a good income. Consequently, even those with low-paying jobs have started saving their income consistently so as to build quality houses.

  1. Warner, D. M. (2007). Uses of Subjective Well-Being in Local Economic and Land Use Policy. Land Use & Envtl. L., 23, 263.

Warmer (2007) explains how construction companies such as DR Houston the Land Use Policy to avoid causing environmental problems such as soil erosion. The construction companies employ workers who can maneuver the land during construction to ensure that it remains intact so that it can be used for other economic activities such as farming.