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In raising the awareness on the policy, PZRS Inc needs to increase the acceptance of the policy among the employees as well as the managers. To do this, the company requires resources necessary for the process. The first thing in creating awareness is by making the concerned stakeholders relate with the policy. This can be done by educating the managers and the employees about the value of having a fair treatment and discipline policy. The managers can be organized into boardrooms and trained on the effectiveness of the policy (Secord, 2003). In addition, the employees can be taught of the advantages of the policy in formal settings during their free time.

Another form of creating awareness would be to create posters within the organization targeting both the employees and managers. The advantages of having the policy can be summarized in the poster and then put along the organization’s pathways. The posters can be concentrated on areas most frequented by the workers. In addition, the posters could be put up in the managers’ offices to act as reminders of the benefits of having a fair treatment and discipline policy. Moreover, PZRS Inc can increase awareness by organizing for social events in which the workers can compete on how well they have read about the policy. The winners can then be given prizes to motivate them to embrace the policy on a larger scale.


PZRS Inc can insure support for the policy by encouraging both the employees and managers to embrace the policy. This can be done by continuously reminding both parties of the immense benefits that they stand to gain upon embracing the policy. The first step in ensuring support is the collaboration and coordination of the various departments to ensure team work in the implementation. In this regard, communication is key in ensuring compliance to the set standards. The next step is the evaluation of the performance of the policy and the collection of feedback on the same. Feedback on the effectiveness of the policy should be collected from both managers and employees for improvements.

In addition, PZRS Inc can insure support for the policy by documenting the progress of the implementation of the policy. This can be done by recording daily reports on the success of the fair treatment and discipline policy (Secord, 2003). In addition, the information should be managed effectively for better analysis of the feedback and eventual improvement. To further improve the support for the policy, the company can provide incentives for compliance with the policy especially among the members.


The implementation of the fair treatment and discipline policy is shrouded by some legal concerns because it involves the workers. One of the concerns is the labor laws that govern the employment contracts for employees in the Canada. Dismissal of an employee requires that the employee be served with a notice before they are eventually dismissed. Further, the law requires that the reasons for the dismissal be provided to the employee before action is taken. Further, the arbitration of any disputes resulting from the wrongful dismissal of employees should be done in the industrial courts that deal with the workers concerns. These law provisions present legal concerns for the implementation process of the fair treatment and discipline policy. The handling of disciplinary cases presents another legal concern in the design and implementation of the policy.



Secord, H., & Secord, H. (2003). Implementing best practices in human resources management. Toronto: CCH Canadian.

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