Question 1

Some of the essential terms in this week’s lesson were as follows:

  • Social change- refers to the changes in cultural values and behaviors of individuals over time
  • Policymakers- These are the decision makers in the change process.
  • System thinking-A holistic approach that focuses on how systems interrelate with each other.
  • Donors- They are the people who give grants to those who need help.
  • Complex problems- This is difficult challenges that require critical thinking to solve them.
  • Linear thinking- Refers to looking for short-term solutions to problems.

Question 2

Muddiest point refers to the assessments that are usually done on students. They determine where they have any difficulties.

Question 3

I might want to know the various types of social change and how it affects people’s lives. Secondly, I may want to know the features and benefits of this change in the community. Lastly, I may want to understand how technological advancements and population rise affects social change.

Question 4

This topic is associated with many issues out of class. For instance, it has a relationship with the government development plan of transforming the lives of its citizens. Besides, it is linked to socialism that advocates for equal distribution of resources among all the people without biasness.

Question 5

This content will enable me to understand how to people interact with one another to solve their problems. The subject will allow me to comprehend the various approaches I may use to implement social change in the community. Moreover, its topic is essential to understand the causes of social challenges in society. This knowledge will assist in solving various problems whenever they occur. Also, the matter will help me in identifying the strategies I can use to change the behavior and attitudes of people. Lastly, I might be in a position of knowing the various approaches I might use to transform lives.

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