The development in Qatar has happened very fast, due to Qatar 2022. It helped the country to grow faster than before. It has made Qatar one of the most confident and prominent nations in the Middle East. It has evolved to become an economic powerhouse in the region.

First of all, Qatar has many different people, diverse cultures, and religion. Also, after Qatar 2022, a lot of people came to Qatar from every part of the world and increased the population. Events that increase traffic into the country are suitable for development purposes. Moreover, Qatar has unique and artistic buildings in West Bay. You can see more than a thousand buildings there, and all of them are characterized by new ideas, good art, and beautiful designs.

The development in Qatar has changed significantly from 2010 to 2019. We see more than a hundred new buildings that have some of the most exceptional and beautiful design. In my opinion, the development in Qatar has not changed our culture. It has helped to have good relationships with other cultures. Also, we have had an opportunity to gain more information about their customs, beliefs, and traditions. It is nice to build new relations with people from different communities.

Finally, the development in Qatar has also changed the service industry. For instance, we have ten good hospitals in the world. Besides, Qatar has the best malls, villages, landmarks and festival city. Also, it has the most prominent and newest mall known as the mall of Qatar. However, I like the development in Qatar, and I hope to see the area become the most developed nation with more people and diverse culture.

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