Race and Ethnicity

Question one

One of the stereotypes that I observed is on the treatment of the female gender. A comparison of the male and the female gender indicates that there are significant disparities in the handling of the two groups. This due to the fact the feminine group is regarded as being weaker. While there are minimalcases of gender discrimination in developed countries, there aresignificantdiscrepanciesbetween the two genders in developing countries. There is a tendency to view members of the femininesex as being weak and inferior to the male gender. The stereotype creates the impression that ladies should always be submissive and remain under the authority of men. It establishes the basis of violating their rights such as barring them from assuming leadership positions.

All decisions made by the female gender thus need to gain the approval of their male counterparts. This treatment does not extend to the male gender as men are seen to occupy most leadership and senior positions in both politics and other organizations. However, I feel that such a trend infringes on the rights of the female gender and it bars them from accessing empowerment opportunities. On the contrary, there is a need to treat all groups as being equal as well as providingjob opportunities to all persons without gender discrimination. The current situation has led to an increase in the level of violence and suffering from the female gender. The trend can be linked to social values that tend to give more power to men as compared to women.

Suchnegative trends areevident in employment and access to empowermentopportunities. In the case of leadership positions, it is worth noting that female individuals are given fewer opportunities as compared to men. The underrepresentation of women implies that there are fewer chances of fighting for the rights of the group. One of the ways that such negative stereotypes can be addressed is increasing the awareness levels on the dangers that come with violation of women rights. Similar initiatives need to be placed on incentives that seek to train the female gender and to equip it with skills to compete with the dominant male sex.

Question Two

Whiteness can be defined as being the advantages that members of the white community receive on the basis of their ethnicity/skincolor. The white community is often regarded as being superior as compared to the minority/colored groups. An example is thefact that there are manydisparities between howmembers of the white raceare treated as compared those of the Latino community. The trend is connected to the white supremacy ideology which often leads to the violation of the rights of the minority groups. Discriminatory acts can be defined as being based on racial factors where whiteindividuals are seen as being more intelligent and superior. The trend leads todiscrimination and marginalization of the minoritygroups. Below are some instances of whiteness.

  1. Access to Employment Opportunities

Past studies indicate that white persons have a higheropportunity of being employed as compared to individuals from other races. The argumentis based on the fact that dominant groups are viewed as being better trained and competent. This case happenseven though there are many members of the colored communities who are better qualified or educated. It implies that white members are given undue advantages on the basis of their skincolor. There are thuschances that poorly trained white persons would have higher opportunities as compared to skilled coloredpersons. Upholding of the idea of whiteness supremacythus continues to subject many members of the minority groups to high poverty levels.

  1. Social Interactions

A comparison of members of the whitecommunity and African-Americans indicate that they receive different treatments in term of social interactions. In the case of African-Americans, they are treated as being criminals and less knowledgeable. They are often ridiculed in social interactions as lacking understanding of complex matters. However, this conduct is not extended to white persons as they are often regarded as being refined and competent in different areas. The trend can be linked to the notion that the group is superior as compared to other minority groups. It is a misleading position that does not always represent the facts in the real world setting.

  1. Access to Empowerment Opportunity

While discrimination was long abolished in the USA, there is the view that institutionalized discrimination is still rampant in many organizations. The argument rests on the fact that the implementation of manypolicies and values tend to favormembers of the white race as compared to other persons. It holds that there is a considerable variation in the treatment of white individuals and other citizens when it comes to accessing government services. White persons are often given priority while other groups areassumed as the second option. The treatment is attributed to both whiteness and white supremacy. While theseideologieswerelargely held during slavery in the Southern states, they continue to shape the interactions of differentracial groups in the USA.

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