Ethnic and racial diversity makes my culture vibrant and rich. In multiple incidences, I have witnessed ethnicity causing division in the society due to historical events that are still reflected on the social norms and values.  Ethnic history has a strong impact on the chances and opportunities I have in life. My life experiences can be defined in the scope of educational disadvantages and opportunities which I encounter for being an African American.  Based on the sociological perspective of ethnicity and race, being an African American has limited access to attend better schools as I come from a minority race which tends to be underrepresented. My race comprises of different expectations, meaning and customary ways of behavior which is often misunderstood by majority groups that include the Native Whites.

Throughout my life, dominant race continues to reveal social stratification experiences in regards to access to higher education such as a doctorate. Notably, my race has is perceived to compose majority of low-income earners who have limited my life chances of attaining quality education from best schools in the country.  Being an African American has made my life to be categorized as an individual from low socioeconomic class, and this aspect has limited my life chances of attending prestigious schools as compared to majority group of Native whites.  Throughout my life, I have learned that coming from a dominant race requires individuals to struggle in order to pursue their dreams. In the same manner, minority race has resulted in my struggle to attain better education thus limiting opportunities of progressing to higher levels such as masters. In my thinking elimination of racism can help in reducing educational inequalities thus granting me more opportunities to further my career life.


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