Racism in the United States

Racism has been a social issue in the United States in the history of America in which the skin color of the individuals determines the superiority and inferiority of some communities. In America, some populations such as the blacks and Hispanics have felt the impacts of intense racism in the country since they have suffered from discrimination (Rothenberg, 2004).  These are some of the communities that have been treated as the inferior while the white Americans are treated as the superior in the community.  The essay will discuss racism in the United States and its impacts on the different communities whose color is different from the whites.   The discrimination of these communities is experienced in the workplace, in the government offices, healthcare system and also the education system.  The whites in America are then favored, and they are offered quality services and resources as they are treated as superior to others because of their skin color.  Some of the communities discriminated in America because of their race, or ethnic group includes the blacks, Hispanics, Asian and the American Indian (Rothenberg, 2004). These groups of individuals suffer from discrimination, and the research paper will discuss what it means for these people to live in America, a country known for highly pronounced racism.

According to Richard Right in his work (Wright, 1937), he explains the experiences of blacks in American society. He describes how discrimination of blacks is portrayed in the workplaces in which the individuals with a different race from whited are insulted.  The whites fail to give the blacks learning opportunities at the workplaces, and they are humiliated and called Negro.  According to Wright, a colleague at the place tells a black American that the work is meant for the whites and addresses this through abusive words (Wright, 1937). For example, offensive words such as “black son of a bitch” and others are used which proves the harassment black Americans face.  The blacks are also denied the chances to well-paying jobs, and they live in poverty since they earn little from the companies as the bosses who are whites exploit them.  When harassed at the places of work, they do not have the right channels to take their grievances since the bosses are whites and they do not help them solve their issues and they continue to suffer in the hands of the white men. Also, based on the discrimination in the workplaces, the whites take advantage of the presence of other ethnic groups such as the Hispanics and the Asian Americans (Wright, 1937). They use a strategy of making these races to fight among themselves and the unhealthy competition results in maintaining high wages for the whites and low wages for Hispanics, blacks, Asian Americans and the Indian Americans.

The school system used in the United States even is another sector in which racial discrimination is pronounced. In some schools, some of the individuals in the schools suffer from brutality from the school personnel. According to Mary Brave (Rothenberg, 2004), in the topic civilize them with a stick, she explores how discrimination was done mainly to the Indian American Child.  In this case, there was an Indian Boarding school which subjected the Indian Child to severe suffering and brutality.  The child is put in a school in which he or she becomes helpless and defenseless trying to survive in the school, and others end up dying in the harsh conditions of the school management. Mary Brave explains that in some instances, one student tried to hang herself while another jumped out of the window trying to escape the situation in the school (Rothenberg, 2004). The brutality can also be seen when five girls ran out of school, and when they came back they were punished severely, and the punishment involved being beaten without clothes.  On the other hand, there were specific schools for the whites’ children in which they were provided with conducive learning environments.  Richard Right (Wright, 1937) states that the individuals from other races were denied chances to borrow books from the library since the whites wanted the non-whites to remain illiterate so that the lack opportunities in the job market.

Injustices in the criminal justice sector were another area in which the marginalized races felt the harshness of living in America. The policemen were ruthless and would not care what happens to a person who does not belong in their race.  Wright says that a Negro bell-boy was caught in bed with a white prostitute and the boy was punished brutally by the policemen (Wright, 1937).  The policemen would try all they could to incriminate the Negros, and they are treated harshly.  In cases of war, the soldiers would take in the individuals who are not white Americans and the government failed to take the individuals to get treatment in case of sickness. According to Yuri Kochiyama (Rothenberg, 2004), the father had just come from the Hospital when there was a bomb, he was taken in without evidence, and he was left to die, and the American Merchant Marines were treated while the Japanese were left to die out of the illness.

Racial and ethnic discrimination is also portrayed through the immigration restrictions that affected those who were not white Americans.   In the policy, the government called for the entry of immigrants with skills and knowledge for the growth of the economy of the country. The blacks, Hispanics and others lack the skills, and hence they are denied the chance to enter to United States (Rothenberg, 2004). The legal process that is taken for one to acquire American citizenship is delayed to prevent minority groups from settling in the United States. Driving the immigrants out of the country also discriminates the individuals who are not whites. The immigration policies that were introduced by the United States government oppressed the blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and the Indian Americans according to Roderick Harrison.

In conclusion, the history of the United States has stated the discrimination that has been portrayed through government institutions such as schools, hospitals, criminal justice, and others.  Roderick Harrison says that throughout history the country has been divided between the minority and the majority. The whites are considered as the superior getting access to quality services in the government while the others are regarded as the inferior in the society (Rothenberg, 2004). Some activists and essential figures in the community have been working to eradicate racism in the country which in some point has affected the economy negatively.  All the individuals have the right to equality and social justice despite the skin color or ethnic group, and therefore the community should be trained on accepting and appreciating each other for future America.

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