Ranking Categories in My Life

The most natural and comfortable category to identify and rank was religion. That is because religion plays a very fundamental responsibility in my life.  Religion is also a vast topic with a lot of things to debate. It directly affected my beliefs and the way I live today. When I was young, religion helped me understand my origin. Through the various religious classes, I attended I was able to believe that I came from a specific supreme being who cares and loves me. Religion also made me think about the idea that there is life after we have demised from this world. The idea is that there is another life that I will be able to live once I am done with being here.

Most Difficult Category to Identify and Rank

The most challenging category to identify and rank was sexual identity. There are many reasons as to why I was not able to quickly identify and rank that category.  Throughout my growth period, sexuality is a topic that most people that have interacted with my life have never been opened about it. It is a topic they would always avoid to talk about every time I would try to bring it out. As a result, it has also made me a little bit shy from talking about sexual identity.

Various Emotions and Ideas I had

There are various emotions that I had while feeling the matrix. I experienced both happy and sad feelings during the process. That is because while I was feeling the matrix, I remembered some of the past experiences. The matrix form has reminded me a lot about my past life. A happy mood was the most dominant response during the process. However, I am grateful that my life is going on well.

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