Reaction memo on “Strange Country This.”

Reaction memo on “Strange Country This.”


“Strange Country This” by will Roscoe is an article that describes two spirited cultures in ancient America societies. The article talks about how two distinct people were differing from one tribe to another and from one region to the other. Berdaches or two-spirited people is a term used in the article to refer to those individuals who practice mized gender roles. Roscoe in the report identified that the alternative roles were mainly shared in northern America. In the article, the male berdaches tribes recorded are 155 tribes. The author found out that the men who dressed like women in these tribes generally performed the women chores, and they were honored and accepted in society. The author did not only discover the alternative roles in native America but also made some discoveries in southwest cultures, Colorado River, California, the great basin, Alaskan natives and Pueblo communities. The alternative genders in these communities did the work of the other gender as opposed to cross-dressing, and this seemed reasonable.

Why these points are anthropologically relevant.

The above points are anthologically relevant in building bridges and sharing knowledge. The research draws attention to enduring the characteristics of the two spirits traditions in the native American and creates a reflection in the current gay American life. The above points are also relevant because they provide the best of anthropology, as a driver for giving voice to individuals respectfully and with precision.

New questions about the reading.

  1. Where did the term “two spirits” originate from? Name any other alternative terms that can be used to refer to “two spirits.”
  2. Explain how common were two spirits roles in native American cultures.