Reading and Writing

After completing the essay on writing, I became aware of how I honestly felt about writing. Through this experience, I am now confident and relaxed at the same time, as I know that the fears and challenges associated with writing cut across all ages and careers. I have also been able to learn how to organize ideas and present them in a clear and concise manner. The organization of thoughts and ideas allows one to connect with the audience and also, highlight the specific areas that an individual feels hold more importance. I will be able to apply these essential skills in my future assignments, projects and most importantly, in my prospective job positions. They will provide me with the opportunity to interact with others through professionally written materials.

It is also worth noting that there is a close connection between reading and writing. For that, I consider myself an average or slightly above average reader, who likes to enjoy the inspiration and entertainment brought about by a good piece of writing. I believe that reading is useful, especially as it is a faster means of gaining insight into the deep mysteries of the universe, both complicated and straightforward. Reading teaches me to learn through maintaining an open mind, an experience that helps me to formulate an opinion later on. Through purposeful reading, one becomes more aware of how things worked in the past, how they work presently and, possibly, practices that will be better for the future. In short, there can be no learning without the two sides that make the coin. Reading furnishes the mind: It captivates people’s willingness to express themselves through writing; and, by extinguishing fears such as the writer’s block, people, myself included, gain the confidence to write and share their ideas with the world.