Reading Reflections

Research in the nursing practice involves several aspects to make sure the results and findings meet the needed criteria and are of quality. In this week’s readings, we learned about how to conduct research using the internet, secondary analysis, and historical means. We also learnt about the topic of interventions and the different ways of preparing and implementing an intervention. To begin with internet-based research, there are several data and information on the internet which provides a researcher with adequate information on a particular topic. Secondary data analysis involves the using of research materials that were collected by someone else to conduct your research (Tappen, 2016). These secondary materials were ones some primary data for another research and an example of secondary data government census reports and other governmental databases. Historical research analysis involves the situations where the researcher uses historical information and date to predict the outcome of a similar study currently or in the future.

In nursing, practice intervention means the evaluation of the effectiveness of a specific treatment concerning a particular study. The intervention involves assigning different groups with different assignments to try and determine their effectiveness. This, therefore, means that the investigator and the different teams are expected to be involved fully. The safety of the research team members is supposed to be guaranteed at all times. Different scenarios can derail the implementation of the intervention process. One example of this includes that of the resignation of the research leader just some few days before the commencing of the intervention research process (Tappen, 2016). Another example is the temporary closure of the research facility during the research process. Those conducting the intervention process should be highly trained and should understand the protocols of the research. Lastly, the results of the intervention process should be monitored regularly and recorded for future purposes.




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