Reading Task Force

The memo entails enhancement and management of the organizational culture by group reading and integration to ensure that the members have a precise knowledge of all concepts and theories regarding their actions in the organization. There is a need for the members to be trained expertly by adhering to personal procedures of making decisions and attain an agreement in the organization on the members toward a general understanding of all factors to consider.

This is key in ensuring that members in the class understand the concepts and theories is made from a clear definition of how classroom groups work the dynamics and the foundation of the topic and question the factual observation should be the alongside the group so that they are shared and opinions expressed to one another.Moreso, the first step toward ensuring appropriate decision making involves the essentiality to observe the behavior trends of group members in the essence of finding the non-verbal traits among the group members. Phase 2 consists of writing down the perspective of what the behavior of group members reflect according to context and composition of the system. Furthermore, there is the essence of discussing the group works and identify the factual observations being made to a particular group where there is an open sharing of opinions and distribution of perspectives.

The observation of group processes in such action in this memo is because there is an excellent interconnection between what is being seen and heard. This involves the models of decision making. The group assessments should be focused on individual tests and not group worst tests source instability of the theories concepts and methodologies used Indian curriculum