Reasons for Founding America

Reasons for Founding America

The united states of America is a great nation that has fought the challenges and emerged as the world’s most feared country. However, it was not just the united states, but each state was on its own. Nevertheless, to unite and get off the British power over the United States, it needed more than just the resistance of a single state. This is why different ideas and cultures together with beliefs had to be united for the sake of making the country great.

Therefore, the reasons for founding the united states of America were far much different than what anyone could fathom. The people needed to stay free from any colonial power. The colonization of the united states by Great Britain brought the country under some form of siege. The economic energy was being siphoned to Great Britain, giving the colonial master more power to oppress the US. Therefore, the US had to be founded to fight for its raw materials and minerals that were being taken away, enriching other nations.

The people of the US had to realize their social power, and for this to happen, the country had to be formed. There cannot be social freedom is a country that has not yet been established because there is no sovereign authority. This means that social integrity cannot be respected without having liberty and people leading their lives as they would like. This is the reason why today the United States is one of the leading countries in granting social freedom to its people.

Economic power cannot be achieved without a country having been formed. For the people of the US to enjoy economic prosperity, they must give in to the desire of uniting and building their nation. The US has so far been a fantastic country that has been used as a role model by others. Although the industrial revolution started in Europe, it eventually spread to the US. This happened after the country was founded. The technology, machines, and skills from the industrial revolution were quickly spread to the US, boosting the economic growth of the United States. All this could not have happened without the foundation of the country. It was after the nation attained its independence and established strong economic bases for building the economy. Trade and industry prospered only after the foundation of the US.

However, in founding the US, some of the contributions of African Americans are often omitted. It is a fact that the people of color played a significant part in establishing America. For instance, Gabriel the slave who led to rebellion against slavery and called for liberty and the right toile played a significant role. Although he is omitted, he is a great person that should be recognized. More so, the history of the united states of America cannot be complete without having to mention other people who fought for freedom and social justice such as Martin Luther King. These people dedicated their cause to calling for liberty, and many died while championing for equal rights. They should be remembered in the history of America and the generations to come.