Recommendation Report: Solution to the Plastic Take-Out Food Containers

Recommendation Report: Solution to the Plastic Take-Out Food Containers

My inquiry into the take-out food containers has resulted to the findings that these containers occupy roughly 21,500 cubic meters of the entire landfill capacity on a yearly basis. This volume is expected to increase in future, and might be problematic with regards to environment degradation.  There are three viable solutions that can be used to curb this problem.

The first solution entails implementation of a program that requires the customers to return the packaging materials to the retailer. This mechanism will be managed by retailers. The approach would save the city a lot of funds since the waste management system reduces the amount of packaging that they handle. The drawbacks are that it would be inconvenient for both retailers and consumers. Consumers would find it cumbersome to return all the packaging materials. Retailers on the other hand, would encounter administration problems and also pose a safety and health concern.

The second solution requires banning of plastic take-out containers and replacing them with alternatives that can decompose or are recyclable. Retailers will be tasked with the management of this approach. Advantages of the approach are that it will minimally affect consumers and would result in waste reduction. The city’s waste management will also have the opportunity of saving quite a lot of money. However, the approach increases cost on the side of retailers and posses health and safety concerns in terms of sanitization.

The third solution involves adding the take-out containers to the city’s Blue Bin Program. The aspect will increase the cost incurred by the city’s waste management. However, it will encourage the usage of environmentally friendly materials.

From the three solutions, the second option is recommended. Banning the plastic containers sends a positive message that the stakeholders involved are keen on fighting against environmental degradation. This is because it will have a significant reduction on the waste produced in the city every year. The health and safety concerns involved can be tackled by way of setting standard rules for sanitization and safety. Every retailer would be expected to follow the rules, failure to which results to legal penalties. Retailers and manufactures can also work on the issue of increased cost. They have to invest in research and development in order to come up with a way of executing this program while incurring the minimum cost possible. The amount of money saved by the city’s waste management team can be used to help in this research process.

Implementation of this program will go a long way into preserving the environment.   In the long-run, there will be a significant amount of money saved with regards to waste management.



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