Recommendations for Pepsi Company

Pepsi Corporation


  • Pepsi can beat Coca-Cola by introducing more healthy products in the markets. The company should use natural raw materials like mangos, pineapples, grapes,and oranges to produce its beverages. The decision is strategically relevant since most of the company’s products are similar to those of Coca-Cola. Besides, customers are becoming health conscious and do not want beverages that have additives which might pose a health challenge. The firm can promote these products through the use of mass and social media platforms.
  • In addition, the corporation should also expand its operations beyond its borders in the USA. Furthermore, the business can extend its activities to the neighboring nations like Canada and Mexico. It is a wise decision since these nations are near America; thus, making it easier to penetrate these markets. The company can open additional distribution stores in these nations and expand its delivery channels. The decision is tactical since it will assist to reach more clients in the marketplace.
  • Moreover, Pepsi should develop a strategy that will help to deal with the issue of seasonal fluctuations. In the past, the company experienced a decline in sales because of the changing weather patterns. For instance, few people consume their drinks during cold seasons. Therefore, the company should introduce hot drinks to deal with the challenge. The decision is strategic since it will assist in maintaining the company’s sales.
  • Consequently, Pepsi can remain to be profitable by 2020 by adapting to customers lifestyles and preferences. The two issues keep on changing as time goes by. Therefore, the company should acquit itself with the relevant market information to increase its revenues.

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