Red Square

The  Red Square is a city square in Moscow which is the current resident to the president of Russia. It is a respected place as it holds relevant history to the citizens of Russia. The mention of it only makes one think about the royalty of the building because it highly relates to leadership and royalty.  This paper seeks to reflect on issues concerning the structure like  Lenin’s Mausoleum and body, victory over Nazis Parade and the state department store.

From the videos, Red Square is a large building surrounded by several other buildings with perfect architectural designs. The building is red. Red symbolizes love which only means that the building harmonized Russians with great respect. Red Squares Mausoleum offered  Russians a great attraction site. The fact that the Mausoleum is well built with a tremendous architectural outlook is noticeable. It houses the body of the great  2Oth Century leader called Lenin. The body was mummified inside the stone to act as a tourist attraction site for any royal visitor.

The Red Square hosted important occasions concerned with the affairs of the country like liberations and victory. It means that the building was a  sign of togetherness as it embraced victory and did not uphold defeat. From the video, it is clear that the Red Square hosted a victory parade which had numerous leaders from the USSR and other participants from the academic arena. Another fact about the Big-Square is the fact that it had a  mall which acted as a trading center with traditional decoration which symbolized royalty. The fact that the mall was turned into offices and no skating space can be found there today means that it is a royal place; hence it was shifted to a state department store.










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Red Square

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Victory over Nazis Parade at Red Square on June 24, 1945



GUM: State Department Store

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