The history of American Red Cross (ARC) may not be as a clean as many of us would like to believe writes Joe Allen (2005). The institution has been scandalous since its inception when racism was rampant and the institution was not an exemption. However, the most recent ethical problems that ARC has faced can be said to be as a result of negligence. It has been an easy decade for ARC with scandals starting from the Liberty Fund’s lack of transparency, inadequately handling of Hurricane Katrina, substandard handling of blood products and violations of blood safety laws all totaling to a whopping total of $47 million in fines and penalties (Koleva, 2012).

The Liberty Fund scandal involved diversion of donations meant for the victims of the 9/11 disaster to other ARC activities an action that brought outrage towards the once highly respected institution. Hurricane Katrina brought with it a new challenge, the institution’s operations were said to be insufficient, poorly organized and to some extent racial discriminatory yet ARC raised a record 1.1 Billion dollars for the victims (Grabianowski, 2008). The blood handling scandals have been the efforts of federal inspectors who found blood safety violations in 16 out of their 36 blood collection centers and the 2010 FDA’s discovery that ARC handling of blood products such as red blood cells, plasma and platelets was substandard and the manufacturing guidelines were disregarded (Koleva, 2012).

The solutions to ARC’s

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