Redevelopment/Economic Development

Redevelopment/Economic Development

  1. In order for redevelopment to take place blighted conditions must exist. Discuss three different types of blight one might encounter in a redevelopment project area?
  2. Physical blight

This includes deterioration of the physical structures that are visible to the eyes. Among them are the street patterns. This is where the street becomes disorganized to an extent where structures are erected without any defined pattern. It becomes difficult to identify where actual roads should be. Most of the buildings seem inhabitable since they are substandard. Some have already run their time, and need to be destroyed so that they can create way for new ones. Utilities such as sewer, water and electricity also become obsolete.

  1. Social Blight

This includes all aspects that indicate social decay. This includes aspects such as poverty, which result to poor housing, malnutrition tendencies among the residents and other things. The area also tends to experience high crime rates and lack of social services. It somehow represents an area that has been disserted.

  1. Economic Blight

This is characterized by aspects such as loss of businesses and jobs. This happens as a result of other related factors not working in the desired manner. The value of properties also tends to depreciate and the land use has already become incompatible.

  1. Explain what redevelopment eminent domain is and how it differs from other public sector powers of eminent domain. For what purposes would a redevelopment agency use eminent domain?


C Describe how tax increment financing (TIF) is calculated and what are some of its user?

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