Reebok, UnMe JEANS and Lady Gaga Case Studies

Reebok, UnMe JEANS and Lady Gaga Case Studies


Reebok’s general strategy is using celebrity advertising in order to reach the target market. Through the strategy, the company approaches individuals in different highly recognized institutions. They sign contracts and agree to use the company’s products in their general activities. The approach has worked for them so far. The stocks prices are increasing with time. Celebrities are viewed as role models in the society. Most people want to associate with them hence tend to adopt their consumption behaviors (Rao & Krishna, 2010).

Despite this, the strategy is not very effective in beating competitors such as Nike. This is because the company has been using this form of advertising for a long time. Nike holds the record for the biggest endorsement deal where they signed a 5 years contract with Tiger Woods worth $100 million.

There are other types of clothing that can use the creative synergy involved in this case study. This would include limited edition clothing. People would flock to buy the clothes since they will only be available in the market for a short period of time. The essence of celebrities wearing the clothes would even entice them more.


If I was running UnME jeans, there are a lot of things that I could have done. The major one would have been concentrating efforts on market segmentation. The segmentation prospect would be used in the advertising process. I would divide the market into segments that would include the female adults and the youthful females. For the youthful females, I would use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace among others. Nowadays, most of the youths are spending most of their times in these platforms. Whenever they see something that fascinates them they tend to share with their friends and acquaintances (Rao & Krishna, 2010). Youthful personnel should be used in running these platforms so as to make the endorsement process easy.  For the adults, I would target areas that they converge more often.  This could be in the gyms or other institutions. Posters would be used as a way of passing information. I would place ambassadors in these areas and make sure they are using UnME jeans products. The ambassadors must be people with recognition in these areas so that they can influence their colleagues by sharing their experiences with the company’s products. The trust between these people might work to convince them.

Lady Gaga

If I was Lady Gaga’s manager during this period, I would have continued with the arena tour. This is because cancelling the tour would have been a horrible idea. People were aware of the tour and their expectations were high. Lady Gaga would have used her latest influence of winning the award as asurce of courage and belief.

Recording artists can learn a lot from Lady Gaga’s career. One is that they do not need to do what everyone else thinks is the right thing. Once they set their eyes on something, they should aim at driving it to the end. Providing quality to the fans should be given a priority and the aspect of making profits will follow later on (Rao & Krishna, 2010).

Lady Gaga’s effect on fashion has not been negative neither positive. This is because some people endorsed her while others were not in her support. Any fashion brand seeking to partner with her must first identify the target market. If the market is compatible then they should have a partnership. Lady Gaga on her side should accept since it would increase her profitability aspects.

A general advice to her is giving the desires of her audience priority. Always give them what they want, and they will pay back.




Rao, V. S., & Krishna, H. V. (2010). Management: Text and Cases.. New Delhi: Excel Books.

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