Reflection as Growth

Reflection as Growth

I agree  that the principle of context is essential in our lives. I spend most of my time communicating. It is therefore vital to be aware of the right communication contexts to use during our growth in life. Different contexts can impact our communication. Without understanding the context of communication, it becomes difficult for us to communicate and even plan. Great communicators generally should be able to know how to interact in whichever form of context.

Physical context is one of the forms of context, acts as the actual setting. In business, the physical location of the area where the business is situated is essential. The business owner should be able to have a defined physical location that will assist him in reaching out to his customers. Other physical contexts may as well include noise levels and the time of day. Physical context has a dramatic impact on an individual’s career development when it comes to communication (Stead and Graham 63). The communication in physical context may adopt different forms like data presentations, brand marketing through advertisements, one on one physical interaction between the customer and the business owner among others. Communication and understanding are likely to go on swiftly as a result of responding appropriately to the right context. I also totally agree with you that a person with impeccable communication skills is more likely to flourish in any career. Impeccable communication skills result from understanding the right context of communication. Carrying out bussiness transactions may be difficult for example if an individual is ultimately still in his/ her presentation because no one will understand the motives. As a result, the business will end up not being successful due to the communication barrier.

Aside from the physical context which is somehow obvious, communication is influenced by some other things. Understanding temporal context is essential as well even in career development. This context is one that people emulate from past experiences. Past experiences may at times define our expectations about communication (Stead and Graham 64). In the case of a business setting, the way the owner lastly communicated to his/her customers will determine whether or not they will continue buying from him/her.

Communication is essential in business and must ensure clarity. Clarity will result from transmission of communication language in a way that the receiver will be able to comprehend it. The use of the proper form of context in communication is more likely to bring two minds together and in turn understanding. This situation is not the case in business alone but also in other career fields; using the right context while communicating also ensures adequate information flow. The adequacy eases transactions and promotes an excellent interpersonal relationship amongst people working together. Attention is essential for proper understanding of information in the right context (Stead and Graham 65). Many people tend to take information out of context as a result of not paying attention. In the case of business, the owner must first be able to understand the point at which the buyer is coming from, and the same goes for the buyer. The aim here is to ensure that they co-relate by concentrating well to avoid miscommunication.

I believe that with practical communication skills, one can understand the importance of context. Understanding context makes it easier for one to relate well in any chosen career path. Context as well does not only apply in career development but also our day to day lives. I agree that it is essential as well as a valuable principle in our day to day lives for us to achieve our various goals. Effective communication improves job satisfaction as well as developing one’s career image. I plan in using effective communication skills to improve my future career by ensuring that I deliver my intended message in the right context. Aside from my professional life, I plan to use effective communication and appropriate context to improve my interpersonal relationship with everyone living in society. I intend to create a presentable self-image that will by so far enable me to be a substantial person in the community.


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