A Reflection on Enterprise Resource Planning System

A Reflection on Enterprise Resource Planning System

This class on re-engineering and enterprise resource planning systems was informative and provided a general background on the association between ERP system and business process re-engineering.  Besides, the class entailed information technology, and the benefits businesses would get from embracing best practices concepts. The class had a perfect mix of information that was useful to all students, and it combined deeper incite and cases studies that I could apply to real life situations. Precisely, I would be able to apply the best practices concepts to my future projects. The information learned will allow me to understand best practices strategies and how my business will benefit from adopting the concepts. For instance, I will apply the concepts of best practices because; the strategies will help my business to gain a competitive advantage over others in the market.

Similarly, the concept will help me to use technology more effectively thus improving in time delivery and order management. This will create healthy relationships with customers and boost the business (Radhakrishnan, 2010). Also, I will use the concept of the effect of information technology on business process re-engineering to build my future project. With ideas on information technology, I would understand that it facilitates business process change. For instance, information technology provides the platform that involves a transition to shared databases and business processes, and they all depend on network access.


Radhakrishnan, R. (2010). Business process re-engineering: Text and cases. S.l.: Phi Learning.

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