Reflection of Drama Assignment

Reflection of Drama Assignment

How do you, as the writer, use common elements in the play?

One of the common elements that I used while writing my play is the use of characters. My play had three characters that included Mr. Adams, DX the car and the audience in the play. Another element was that of the plot which as a dialogue between Mr. Adams and DX. The theme of the play was that of kindness and being thankful. Mr. Adams wanted to get to work early and needed the services of his car. In return, he decided to repaint him and change his engine to a new one.

What type o structure did you follow when writing the play?

The type of structure that I used in writing the story was that of a linear structure. A linear structure is a structure that follows a chronological order of events (Bekoff, 2015). The play begins with Adams telling his car that he has to take him to work for an early morning meeting. They then take off, but in return, he promises to do a repainting for the job well done. The play ends with Mr. Adams getting to work early and DX going back to sleep as he waits for him to get back home.

Which form of play did the script follow?

The form used to demonstrate the play is that of a drama. A drama can be defined as a form of fiction actions that are used to represent a performance (Foreman, 2016). There is a lot of fiction and imagination in the play whereby a lot of impersonation is being used. A vehicle is given the role of a human being where it is even negotiating with the owner on how it should be driven and the services it should get in return

How does the format change the way characters are introduced or the impact of dialogue and setting?

The format of the play introduces the characters in the middle of different actions. This is because the act does not explain how Mr. Adams gets to the garage and what happens after the meeting. Dialogue impacts the play by a more significant margin because it also involves the audience where it gets to interact with the characters although they are not given a chance to respond. The impact of the setting is that it leaves the viewers and readers in suspense because no one gets to know whether the car received the promises made or not.




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