Reflection on Articles

Reflection on Articles

Many children are usually at risk of attaining various behavioral aberration or developmental delay. I found it informative on the range of issues that can put a child at risk. This is because many people think of medical related problems as the only causes of delayed children development. The article has tried to expound how the environment that a child is subjected to can contribute to various disabilities. Instances where parents are prone to drug use, family violence and child abuse present an opportunity to alter a child’s developmental pattern. The aspects make children without any medical related problems to experience certain developmental delays. I think is upon parents to try their level best not to put their children at risk regardless of their life circumstances.

Children’s play has been clearly elaborated as a way of showcasing development. It is quite true that as children develop, their way of play tends to advance as well. What seemed intriguing earlier tends to become obsolete, and new adventures need to be realized. This is because a child’s knowledge is changing and the perspective of how he/she sees things. A child with various developmental delays will tend to assume some form of stagnation with regards to his/her play attributes. This makes children’s play a favorable activity of trying to help children with disability gain various skills.

It is true that it remains to be a puzzle as to why some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder tend to respond to intervention while others do not. I would also say that I do not understand why people concentrate on using interventions more on ASD compared to other disabilities. Might there be an explanation to this? I do not mean to say that it does not work since various studies have shown children gain social, cognition, engagement and language skills through interventions. I just feel compelled to explore the issue further.

I agree that classrooms provide a favorable environment where instruction of children with disability can take place. They view this as a place of learning hence make an effort to grasp whatever is being offered. I find it complex to understand why certain instructions such as naturalistic and direct instructions are rarely used in classrooms. Various studies have shown how effective they can be when it comes to children with disability. Relevant stakeholders should try to eliminate the bottlenecks that are responsible for such occurrences.

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