Reflection on “Black Fold Don’t Go Therapy”

Reflection on “Black Fold Don’t Go Therapy”

The video “Black Folk Don’t Go to Therapy” is a fallacy film that explores stereotypes placed on black people. The characters in the movie are in consensus that the black community does not like medication. The fear of white doctors is one of the reasons as to why blacks do not value the essence of therapy (Pin, 02:33).Also, the African-American men avoid medication as a way to show their masculinity. The situation implies that blacks believe that seeking therapy is a sign of weakness, which is not the case. However, ridiculous stereotypes and assumptions placed on Africa-Americans may appear like any other fallacy, but it has a significant impact on their psyche. Such stereotypes shape how the black community reasons and feel about themselves. Therefore, these attitudes have not only created a natural phenomenon, but also a form of prejudice that adversely affects their well-being.

The film portrays a form of double consciousness that is rooted in the American societies. The impression, however, seems unconnected to any social facts that are directly associated with the black population. Although some of the elements are undeniable, the racist prejudice placed on black folks ought not to portray them as inherently and congenitally people. In this case, such psychic phenomenon and impression should not be the case in the present-day societies with human and social work professionals. They have skills and expertise in the concerned field.Therefore, they ought to step up and help the black community to have access to better medication and other critical health services. There is also a need to connect black folks to better social services that will improve their well-being. The move, in this case, will prevent further stereotypes that make blacks to feel inferior in various aspects of life.





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