Reflection Paper on Parenting

I found the book on parenting relations informative and exciting due to the illustration of parent roles in society. A major question arising from the title of the book is, “Do families depend on parents in various capacities for the social outfit?” The number of families which tend to survive this are few. The rationale is because parenting styles and results are crucial to the enhancement of family attributes.

I was keen on the dynamics ratio which was illustrated using a single parent family raising an only child.I realized that the context in which the single-family exist is essential towards the determination of results of the family set up (330). Furthermore, it was interesting to identify the fact that siblings race ratio depends on the family set up such as middle-class families have a low number of children. I agree that a person also may become single depending on the various factors encountered such as by choice through the death of a partner. It interesting to identify the effects of parents’ interruption on existing family systems. This affects how children welfare is affected by the interrupted family and projects the negative encounters of children in standard functionalities of their entire life.

In the book, I learned the effects of addiction on the side of parents to the whole family and the children. Another instance of family interruption involves the disorder on the welfare of family members as reported in cases the various families. This has made the family setups become risky places for children. I realized that multiple factors could be integrated to escalate the impact of fragility in families especially these risk elements that complement one another. It is prevalent to identify such factors in families such as lack of commitment to the families, irresponsible fathers, inadequate knowledge regarding in the child upkeep, parenting and, poverty. The book enables me to identify the emotional engagement of children and parents in the interrupted families since the fragility in families results into lack of resilience and continuity for the family members or children experience crisis disorganization in the family. The return to normal state thus reorganization and laying out strategies and protective moves towards family interruption.

In the book, a question is posted, “Assuming I am around a green grocery when a woman starts beating up her child. The child screams on top of her voice, but the lady is persistent towards beating him up, calling out names and shames the boy in public. What is key to being done in such a situation?” (351). I will approach the parent for the essence of understanding the issue behind the disagreement between the parent and child. In this situation, I would identify the character on the wrong side. I would later talk to the woman on better parenting skills to enhance active and appropriate child growth and development (355).

Through the book, I learned that whenever a single member in the family encounters a problem in any circumstance, chances are very high that every member of the family unit is likely to be affected by the implications thus spreading the effects. The book suggests that different families can form established alliances which result in blended families. However, new family units are established due to the partnerships or remarriages of single-parent families




Work Cited

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